About Light Therapy Insiders

Led by Alex Fergus, the team behind LTI are passionate about all the things related to Light Therapy. Get to know us better here!

Light Therapy Insiders (LTI) is an independent publication launched in June 2023.

Led by Alex Fergus, the team behind LTI are passionate about all things Light Therapy - whether it's finding the best product for your needs, or tapping into the brains of leading researchers - our time is spent understanding this amazing technology and sharing our findings with you.

Who's Involved

The team at Light Therapy Insiders is made up of the following amazing people:

Alex Fergus

Founder & Head Reviewer - the guy who has a shed full of light therapy products!

Bart Wolbers

Head Researcher - the brains behind the site!

Bakhrom Tursunov

Head Designer - the creative genius behind the site, YouTube channel and Social platforms

Peter Sebestyen

Head Editor - the web guru making sure the best light therapy content is made available to the world!

Christa Rucker

Head of Ideas - The brain storming wizard!

Interested in joining the team? Or simply contributing an article? Email us at [email protected]

What We Cover

Light Therapy Related News

Is there a new red light therapy panel about to be launched? Perhaps an upcoming event specialising in light therapy? You'll find all of this and more at LightTherapyInsiders.com

Product Reviews & Comparisons

If you've seen any of Alex's epic Light Therapy Reviews you'll know what we're referring to here! All of the latest panels, lasers, masks and everything else light therapy related will be extensively reviewed - and compared - helping you find the best product for your needs!

Interviews With Leading Light Therapy Experts

Whether it's a researcher dedicated to the science on photobiomodulation, an engineer who is obsessed with all things light therapy, or an entrepreneur launching a revolutionary new red light product to help with a common health issue - expect to be exposed to the greatest minds and products in the light therapy industry.

Product Shopping Tool & Buyers Guide

If you're looking at buying a Light Therapy Device, then you have come to the right place. Not only do we have the web's most extensive Light Therapy Buyers Guide, and exclusive Deals and Discounts but Light Therapy Insiders hosts our ultra handy Shopping Tool which can be seen HERE.

Remember, we're independent, unbiased, and only recommend the best tool for the job. If we wouldn't use it, or we wouldn't recommend it to our friends and family, we won't recommend it to you.

Science & Experiments

All the latest breakthrough research on photobiomodulation, red light therapy and low level laser therapy will be covered in our News section.

Plus we will be sharing updates on various Before and After experiments, and other 'citizen science' experiments we do with our light therapy products and tools.

Answers To Your Questions!

We save the best for last - expect to find answers to all your questions about Light Therapy. And if we haven't answered a particular question be sure to send it through our Contact Us form or post a comment on our YouTube Channel or in our Facebook Group and one of us will get back to you right away!

Why Light Therapy Insiders

Light Therapy Insiders was created by Alex Fergus after coming to the realisation that light therapy - and in particular red light therapy - was absolute game changer when it came to health, anti-aging and performance.

After experiencing numerous first hand benefits, and hearing from 100's of people who had similar benefits Alex decided to dive deeper into the world of Light Therapy.

First this was done through his personal blog, then he launched the Light Therapy Insiders YouTube channel - which originally focused on finding the best product, but soon that channel grew to cover how to guides, science reviews, interviews with leading experts in the light therapy field, light therapy experiments and much more.

With the help from Bart Wolbers - the man who introduced Alex to red light therapy many years ago - the channel and blog articles grew into something that really needed it's own site.

Enter LightTherapyInsiders.com

This site has 4 key objectives:

To help people new to the world of light therapy. 
To help people understand what light therapy is (and what it's not), what it does, how it works and hey they can get the most from a light therapy product (or products).
To help people find the best light therapy product for their budget & goals.
Finally, to support and continue to educate users of light therapy to ensure they're getting the most from this amazing technology.

Through the content on this website, our highly engaged Youtube Channel, our rapidly growing Facebook Community and the deep dives in our Podcast, Alex, Bart and the team at LTI aim to create the best go-to light therapy resource on the web!

So welcome, we hope you enjoy what we have to share with you and look forward to helping you on your light therapy journey!

How To Stay Updated

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Not only do we have our blog and YouTube channel, we also run a podcast - interviewing the leading experts in the world of Light Therapy. You can find the Light Therapy Insiders Podcast on your favourite audio platform.

Facebook Community

Finally Alex & the team are active daily in our Facebook Group. Here we share insights and candid updates when doing reviews plus join thousands of others who are passion about light therapy!

Where To Next?

Ok so what now?

  • Learn More? If you're new to Light Therapy and want to find out more, check out our Learn About Light Therapy Resource.
  • Time To Buy? If you're keen to buy a light therapy device, then have a look at our Buyers Guide
  • How To Use? Have a device, but unsure how to use it? Then our How To Guide is for you.
  • Specific Problem? Looking to address or improve a certain issue? Check out our Learn Topics.
  • Rather Watch Than Read? Remember we have a very active YouTube Channel, see more HERE.
  • Join The Community? Still have a question? Want to hang out with light minded people (see what we did there?!) join our Facebook Group!

Contact Light Therapy Insiders

If you have any questions, or would like to reach out to us our email address is : [email protected]

Or contact us personally in our Facebook Group!