Reviews & Products

Whether it's about panels, masks, beds, or other infrared devices, you'll discover a comprehensive product review selection here. We emphasize both the drawbacks and our concerns about the products, in addition to their benefits, enabling you to make more informed choice before buying.

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Science & Benefits

Light therapy, as a field of science is constantly evolving. More and more research is being done how it works and its effects on the human body. Even tough, there are many unanswered questions, we aim to provide the latest and most precise information related to the topic.

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Health & Wellness

Research shows that light therapy can dramatically improve your health in many ways. It can contribute to better sleep, reduce pain and boost metabolism. On this tag page, we have gathered articles that deal with the connection of red light therapy and health & wellness.

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Red Light Therapy

Discover the power of red light therapy through our articles, product reviews, and conference updates. Learn more about this therapy and make smart choices for your own health.

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Guides & How To

These posts introduce you to the world of light therapy. Find answers for the most common questions like how to do red light therapy at home, how to select a device for your needs and what mistakes to avoid when starting out with light therapy.

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Beauty & Anti-aging

We have gathered a handpicked selection of articles and resources aimed at enhancing your natural beauty and rejuvenating your physical appearance through the use of light therapy. Find out how to address certain skin and hair conditions and how to look younger day by day.

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News & Updates

Stay informed with the most recent news, research, and advancements in the field of red light therapy. Visit daily and keep updated on this rapidly evolving, exciting industry.

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Brain & Cognition

If you have an interest in the potential benefits of light therapy for enhancing cognitive functions, addressing specific degenerative brain conditions, or speeding up the recovery followed by a stroke or traumatic brain injury, this tag page is tailored precisely to your needs.

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Deals & Shopping

Discover amazing deals, coupon codes and expert guides for red light therapy. Our review articles and the unique "Shopping Tool" ensure you make the best purchase tailored just for you.

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Sports & Performance

If you're an athlete or sports enthusiast aiming for peak performance and interested in treatments enhancing endurance, strength, and recovery, these articles are just for you.

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