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Discount Codes, Deals & Recommendations - Red Light Therapy

Discount Codes, Deals & Recommendations - Red Light Therapy
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Discount Codes

MitoRed Light - Discount code ALEX5

Use discount code ALEX5 at www.MitoRedLight.com to save 5% on their range of products, including their new MitoADAPT Panel range, their battery powered MitoMobile Super and MitoRed Lights new hair regrowth headset and more!

Hooga - Discount code ALEX

Use discount code ALEX at www.hoogahealth.com for 10% off the Hooga HG series, which are one of the best budget panels on the market, and the Hooga HG PRO series, which offer great value and power output.

Block Blue Light - Discount code ALEX

Use discount code ALEX at www.blockbluelight.com to save a huge 15% off Block Blue Lights red light therapy products. Plus receive free international shipping! Please note, there are 4 different sites dependant on your location.

Use discount link https://aferg.co/redled to save 5% on the feature packed BioMax red light panel range - from their table top BioMax 300 to their 4x BioMax 900 Quad setup that Alex personally uses.

Infraredi - Discount Code ALEX

Use discount code ALEX at www.infraredi.com to save 10% on the incredible Infraredi Flex range - which has the award-winning Infraredi Mini tabletop and the very economical Infradi Flex Max

No discount code is available for www.gembared.com. Recommended products are the GembaRed Improve for treatment close to the skin and the GembaRed Reboot for a bigger panel

No discount code available for www.joovv.com. Joovv offers very good products for people who like a lot of bells and whistles on their products, such as an app and pulsing. The Joovv Mini 3.0 and Joovv Solo are examples thereof.

LightpathLED - Discount code ALEX

Use discount code ALEX at www.lightpathled.com and get 5% off the incredible Diesel series, which is the first panel to offer triple-chip LEDs - pulsing and near-infrared options with LightpathLED are also recommended.

Solbasium - Discount code ALEX

Use discount code ALEX for at www.solbasium.com for 5% off for the Optix 210 all-rounder panel that scored well in my 2021 comparison, or the Optix 1000 for one of the biggest panels in the industry.

Rojo Light Therapy - Discount code ALEX

Use discount code ALEX at www.rojolighttherapy.com for 10% off the Rojo 300, which is a great all-round tabletop panel or the Rojo 3000, which offers great power output and value. Rojo is especially recommended for AUS and NZ!

Red Light Rising - Discount code ALEX

Use discount code ALEX at www.redlightrising.co.uk for 5% off the Target Light 2.0, which is an upgrade of Alex's favorite spot treatment product. The Advantage 900 and 1500 are solid UK options to avoid import duties and shipping.

Rouge - Discount code ALEX

Use discount code ALEX at www.global.rougecare.ca for 5% off the Rouge Pro G3 panels, which come with free worldwide shipping, offer great power output, value, and are offered even in mega panels.

CytoLED - Discount code ALEX

Use discount code ALEX at www.cytoled.com for 10% off one of the best companies that sells directly within the EU. EU citizens don't pay import taxes on even the bigger panels such as the CytoLED Triplex and Pentaplex.

Boncharge - Discount code ALEX

Use discount code ALEX at www.boncharge.com for 15% off the Australian-based company that offers a wide array of products, such as red light therapy panels, red light face masks, minis, infrared sauna blankets, and more.

Red Light Therapy Company - Discount code ALEX

Use discount code ALEX at www.redtherapy.co for $25 off one of the earliest brands in the red light therapy space, targeted more towards the budget market with the Red Rush 840 pulse.

Luminous Red - Discount code ALEX

Use discount code ALEX at www.luminousred.com for 5% off the Model 1 and 2, which come with one of the best customer services and support in the red light therapy industry.

Kineon - Discount code AFERGUSMOVE+

Use discount code AFERGUSMOVE+ at www.kineon.io for 10% off the Move+ Pro, arguably the greatest red light therapy for joints intervention to date. Alex uses the Move+ Pro himself for maintaining joint health and travel.

Omnilux - Discount code ALEX10

Use discount code ALEX10 at www.omniluxled.com for 5% off the Omnilux Men Mask, arguably the most popular red light therapy mask for men that can also be used for women.

Jovs 4d - Discount code ALEX

Use discount code ALEX at www.jovs.com for 10% off the Jovs 4d mask, which is the most premium offering in the red light therapy mask market, using lasers, four different wavelengths, and other unique technology.

Dermalux US & Dermalux UK - Discount code ALEXFLEX

Use discount code ALEX at www.us.currentbody.com.com (US) or www.currentbody.com (UK) for 5% off the Dermalux Flex MD LED Light Therapy Device, which is one of the best high-end beauty products for the face in the world.

CurrentBody - Discount Code CBALEX

Use discount code CBALEX at www.currentbody.com.au for 10% off CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device, one of the best red light therapy devices currently developed for hair regrowth.

Neuronic - Discount Code ALEXF5

Use discount code ALEXF5 at https://neuronic.online/ for 5% off the Neuradiant 1070 or 1070 PLUS, which is a completely unique red light therapy helmet that emits the deeply penetrating 1,070nm wavelength

NovoTHOR - Mention The Name "Alex Fergus"

Mention the name Alex Fergus at https://www.novothor.com to get access to the NovoTHOR, the best red light therapy bed on the market today, or THOR lasers, which has been used by clinicians for decades with tremendous results

Sun Stream Saunas - Discount code ALEXFERGUS

Mention the name Alex Fergus at https://sunstreamsaunas.convertri.com/ to get 5% off the best low EMF, low toxin far infrared saunas on the market that Alex has recommended for many years now. Extensive warranty included!

CeraThrive - No Discount Available Yet

Mention the name Alex Fergus at www.cerathrive.com to get the Cera, the first red light therapy product made not only for the brain but for the brain-gut axis. More products coming in the future also!

Omnilux - Try Discount Code ALEX10

Extremely popular in the beauty space, Omnilux have an assortment of LED Masks including their Mens Mask. Head to www.Omnilux.com to find out more.

Mito Light Europe - Discount Code ALEX

Mito Light is one of the best options for people from the EU as they've got a big product range with panels that have amazing power output and value . Use code ALEX at www.mitolight.com

Weber Medical - Discount Code ALEX

Weber Medical offer a completely unique light therapy product that can be worn on the wrist and that irradiates the blood with lasers. If you're interested, use discount code ALEX and get an Endolight at www.wmedicalsystems.co

Bestqool - Discount Code ALEX

With a range of red light panels and pads Bestqool provide an option for every use case and budget. View their product range at www.Bestqool.com and use code ALEX to save 7%.

Kala make a wide range of light therapy devices, such as the Kala Mini handheld device and bigger red light therapy panels. Kala is uniquely from Canada. View their product range at www.kalaredlight.com and click THIS link for 15% off.

Chroma - Discount Code ALEX

Chroma make a wide range of light therapy devices including a vitamin-D light, seasonal affective disorder lights and their extremely high powered IronForge red light therapy device! View their product range at www.GetChroma.co and use code ALEX to save 8%.

Lumaflex - Discount Code ALEX

Lumaflex makes a great and very unique product that's the only waterprooof consumer product on the market today that we kno of! View their product range at www.lumaflex.com and use code ALEX to save.

Product Recommendations

The below product recommendations are based on the outcome of reviews or comparisons done by LightTherapyInsiders.com or are products that the team are using and have had good results.

Of course the product recommended isn't the only tool for the job, there may be better ones, or options that are better suited to you or your budget.

So please view these as a guideline and be sure to spend time reading our Reviews and using our Shopping Tool. Or feel free to contact us with any questions!

Best Body Panel - PlatinumLED Quad 900

Alex's personal red light therapy setup, with 4x BioMax 900's all linked together you're getting a decent amount of light across 6 different wavelengths. Packed with tons of features it's a pleasure to use and provides excellent results.

Click HERE to Purchase

Best Wall Panel - MitoRed Light MitoPro 1500

Winner of the LTI 2021 Wall Panel Comparison series (beating 11 other panels!) this is an excellent all round, high quality, well priced wall panel. Offering 300 LEDs and emitting 4 different wavelengths this is a great panel for those looking at tapping into the benefits of Red Light Therapy.

Click HERE to Purchase and use code ALEX5

Best Best Budget Panel - Hooga Pro 300

It may not have all the bells and whistles but for under $300 you get 60 Dual chip LEDs putting out a decent amount of light, an included stand and a 3 year warranty. Oh and discount code ALEX knocks a further 10% off this already low price!

Click HERE to Purchase and use code ALEX

Best TableTop Panel - PlatinumLED BioMax 300

If you're looking for a premium Tabletop red light therapy panel then this is it. With 6 wavelengths, an included remote and app, amazing power and various stand options this is great for sitting on your makeup bench or office desk.

Click HERE to Purchase

Best For Joints - Kineon Move+ Pro

Designed by athletes who suffered from various knee problems, the Move+ Pro uses red light LEDs and near infrared Lasers (at the scientifically proven 805nm wavelength). The lights are positioned around a joint ensuring the light penetrates deep into the synovial fluid to speed up recovery.

Click HERE to Purchase and use discount code AFERGUSMOVE+

Best For Brain/Cognition - VieLight Neuro

Designed specifically to enhance cognitive function and help address brain disorders such as neurodegeneration, alzheimers, TBI and more. Backed by a team of medical neuroscience experts and light engineers. When you are dealing with the brain you want the best.

Click HERE to Purchase and use discount code ALEX10

Best Beauty Device - Dermalux Flex MD

Dermalux light therapy products are highly regarded in the beauty industry. Their Flex MD is designed specifically for in home users. Emitting the scientifically proven red (633nm), NIR (830nm) and blue light (415nm) at a therapeutic dose you have the perfect combo to destroy acne, boost collagen production and rejuvenate the skin.

Click HERE to purchase and use discount code ALEXFLEX

Best Travel Panel - Infraredi Flex Mini

Powerful, lightweight, in built kick stand, small enough to pack in a carry on bag but still emitting enough light to treat your entire face, the Infraredi Flex Mini is our go to panel for travelling. Oh and it also has 5 wavelengths including the well researched 810nm!

Click HERE to purchase and use discount code ALEX

Best Portable - MitoRed Light MitoMobile Flex

Battery powered, with over 2 hours of use on a single charge, dual chip LEDs emitting both red and near infrared light. Small enough to hold in one hand, but large enough to treat half of your face or your entire knee. All this and it's less than $250!

Click HERE to purchase and use discount code ALEX5

Best Flexible Device - MitoRed Light Quad Belt

Providing therapeutic light directly on the skin, this belt - which now includes 810nm - is light weight, portable, battery powered and can be used in so many ways! Wrapped around the torso, slung over the shoulder or even draped over the head for hair regrowth benefits.

Click HERE to purchase and use discount code ALEX5

Best Mask - JOVS 4D Laser Focus Mask

The most innovative red light mask on the market. With lasers emitting different wavelengths in a unique pattern (designed to get the right light in the optimal location), an easy to use controller and the best fitting mask we have ever used. If you want pure red light on the face while you can move around then the JOVS Mask is recommended.

Click HERE to purchase and use discount code ALEX

Best Sauna Panel - PlatinumLED SaunaMax

Though this waterproof, high heat tolerant, high powered, low nnEMF panel is marketed for use in a sauna, some would enjoy having this as their daily red light panel. Especially with it's slim line design, high power output and 6 wavelengths. But if combining red light and IR sauna is the goal - then this is the product for you.

Click HERE to purchase

Best Red Light Bed - NovoThor

You can find these medical grade Red Light Therapy Beds in some of the worlds leading hospitals and clients. Designed and engineered to the highest standards by a team who live and breath photobiomodulation, the Novothor is the product you want if money isn't an issue.

Click to Learn More

Best Hair Regrowth Device - MitoRed Light Laser Pro Helmet

Designed specifically to address hair loss, this helmet packs 162 Class II lasers & LEDs emitting the scientifically researched wavelengths to help with hair regrowth.

Click HERE to purchase and use discount code ALEX5

Best Infrared Sauna - SunStream Evolve 20

Designed with health in mind, the Evolve 20 IR sauna has been used and recommended by Alex for years. With no EMFs or harmful building materials, and a layout that provides the most optimal light penetration on the body, the Evolve 20 is our go to IR sauna. Plus it is well priced.

Click HERE to purchase and mention code ALEXFERGUS