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CurrentBody Hair Regrowth: Before & After SURPRISE?!

In this blog post, I'll discuss my before and after results with the CurrentBody Hair Regrowth device. The outcome is surprising!

CurrentBody Hair Regrowth: Before & After SURPRISE?!
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Video CurrentBody Hair Regrowth: Before & After SURPRISE?!

It's been about 4 months since I started using my current body LED hair regrowth helmet (code CBALEX saves). I took some before and after photos of my hair. I've been using this on a frequent basis probably on average about five or six times a week. I was trying to do it every day, but there were some days where that didn't happen.

I've just finished filming my video everything you need to know about red light therapy and hair loss from a scientific point of view that video will be up soon if not already there's already a blog article Red Light Therapy For Hair Loss: Game-Changer Or Not? over at LightTherapyInsiders.com links are all below.

From the research we did on hair regrowth science for that article and video, it is clear that red light therapy is not only beneficial for slowing and controlling hair loss, but also for regrowing.

The key takeaways from that research was that you need the right wavelength which is 650 to 660nm red light as well as 620 to 630nm light.

You also you need the right amount of power, but the power range was quite broad. if I remember correctly the power figures that showed benefits range from 3mW/cm² right up to 90mW/cm²so again all of that is going to be in my video and in that blog article.

I've been reviewing and experimenting with red light therapy panels for many years now. This is what my Light Therapy Insiders company is all about. I am passionate about light therapy because it has worked very well for me and so many members of our community.

I want to help you get all the best information as well as any discounts available to my readers. If you use my link here for the CurrentBody device and use my discount code CBALEX, then you will save 15% and I will receive a small commission at no cost to you which funds these reviews to help you make informed decisions.

I aim to be affiliated with all light therapy companies to be as impartial as possible. Whether or not I am affiliated with a company does not impact my product evaluations. I always strive to share useful, factual information, so that you are empowered with all the knowledge you want to decide which products are best for you.

My Experiment Experience

I felt self conscious about looking silly if someone walked past the window. I do some kind of weird and crazy things, but this was just one product where I didn't want to have to explain what I was doing. If you're not worried about that sort of thing or you're using it in the privacy of your own home it's not going to be an issue for you.

I was getting six to seven uses between charges. There's no low battery warning or anything like that which is a bit of a bummer. Some sessions I would put it on and then the minute it began the session, it would turn off because it was out of juice which was a bit frustrating. After that, I made a habit of charging it up every few sessions. It has a USB-C charging port, so it's quite easy to charge it.

I did go away for a week during this 16-week experiment. I was going to take this with me to keep doing those treatments, but when I put in the suitcase, I realized it was too bulky to fit.

So there was a week where I didn't use this during my 4 month treatment plan, but I did take a more compact red light therapy device that was emitting similar light. I maybe did one or two sessions with that unit on the trip.

I should also mention, there are a few cracks here. I don't think this was me. My kids were playing with this once or twice because they thought it was pretty cool, so there's a high chance that they may have accidentally caused those.

I didn't feel any stimulating effects I know some people when they use red light therapy especially on the head they get a bit of performance cognitive enhancement you're getting more blood flow to the area.

I didn't notice anything with this it didn't affect my sleep often I use this as I was getting ready for bed. I'd put it on brushing my teeth and stuff didn't have any issues with sleep. I'm glad about that but not surprised because its power output is so low.

It only measures about 3mW/cm² which is super low to the point where I wasn't sure it was going to work.

Remember, if you do want to buy one of these, they are quite expensive $850 USD currently. But they have given me a discount code CBALEX that saves you 15% - you can buy the Currentbody HERE. If you want to get one, all the links and discount codes are in the notes below.

It does come with Bluetooth headphones, but I never used those. I could listen to music in the room and have conversations while using this even while wearing these built-in headsets. I suppose you could sync it up with your phone. I didn't use it, but you may like it.

Before & After Pictures Introduction

We're going to look at these before and after photos now real quick. I do need to mention when I took the before photos I used my camera. I took a note as to how many days it had been since I had shaved my hair, so I knew the hair length. I was going to do the same again with the follow-up.

Unfortunately, what happened is the 4 months came up in terms of the end of my experiment, and we had a two-week trip. I wasn't going to take this with me. The day we were packing up I realized, "I don't want to extend the treatment and do it when I get back because all of a sudden a two week block without any treatment is a bit too long."

Plus the 4 months had been up. I was getting a bit bored of using it. Also, I wanted to try some other products. So I took the after photos as is with my phone even though it was a few days off the optimal length in terms of before and after comparisons.

So the after photos aren't quite as good as the before photos. My hair is a little bit shorter in the after shots. So keep that in mind. The overhead light in our bathroom reflects of my head. That may be why some patches that look bald in some of the photos could be the light reflecting because you will see it doesn't look that way in some of the other photos.

Pictures Back

We have each before pic on the left, and the corresponding after pic on the right. Notice my hair length is a little bit longer in this one, and please excuse the background. You can also see this light reflection I was referring to, but there is a bit of hair there.

It's tricky to evaluate these before and after photos, isn't it? What do you notice? Granted, it's not the best angles in terms of comparison. On the one hand, there's not much if any new growth. On the other hand, maybe it's come back a bit. I want to say it has ever so slightly.

I've always had a lack of growth in that weird patch lower on the back of my head, even when I was at high school. I don't necessarily think it's a typical hair loss pattern, just an "Alex is a little bit odd" thing because I remember classmates made comments about that.

Next time, I need to get my wife to take these photo so they're not blurry. I wonder how they do it in the scientific studies. Do you think it would be any more apparent if I let my hair grow out more? The problem is I don't want to do that because I'm filming on camera every week, so I like to keep it freshly clean cut for you guys.

Honestly, I can't see any noticeable differences. It's hard to say. Maybe up here there appears to be a little bit thicker. On this right side, you can see the thinning though.

It's possible that there has been a subtle change. What do you guys think? Last time I did a before and after, I got called out for saying there wasn't any change while the majority of comments said there was an improvement. So you tell me, LOL!

Pictures Front

The camera angles aren't quite perfect. This is a little bit more of a top-down view, while this is a little bit flatter here. Again you see that light reflection. At the back it looks a little bit thinner there, but that's because you can't see that on this photo because it's a little flatter off to this side.

I have some stray hairs, but I don't see anything new in the middle here. There's this thicker patch here and there which is the same sparseness throughout. If you want to split hairs, you could argue bit more here through here, but then it actually looks thinner back through there. Part of it is that slightly different camera angle as well, so it's hard to say, isn't it? What do you guys think?

Pictures Front Part 2

Here's another photo similar to that first one. Again, you could argue that there is a bit more thickness coming in. Remember, this one on the right is the after picture which is a slightly shorter length being about a week and a half after my last haircut compared to the before photo on the left taken about two weeks after my last haircut.

It does actually look a little bit thicker maybe and possibly even on the side as well. There's really not too much change to speak of in the front. Ignore the highlight from the light that looks like a bald patch.

I don't want to come out and say one thing or another because I sure don't want it to sound like, "OMG! It's sooo amazing! Buy it NOW!" That's what people are going to hear if they are hoping the first helmet to come along will help.

I also don't want to come across as a naysayer because of my feeling a twinge of disappointment in my lack of clear results that I was keen to share with you guys.

Next Hair Experiment

There's always hope though. I'm looking forward to to doing more of these experiments because I would sure love to get some serious results. Next time, I'm going to get my wife to take better photos for me so that it will be the best apples to apples comparison.

The next product I'm going to test is the Mito Red Light Pro Laser Helmet for hair. I'm going to test the next device for 6 months instead of 4 months, so let's hope that helps. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Mito Red sent me both of their hair regrowth products: the LED helmet and the laser one. Because these reviews and experiments take so long, I don't want to wait around testing the cheaper one first since I'm eager to see results!

I'll start with their more expensive laser product since I predict it will work even better than their LED helmet. I'm going to begin that in the coming days. I hope you stick around over the next 6 months for that update. If I start seeing amazing results midway through that time, then of course I'll do an update video sooner.

Check out our blog article "Red Light Therapy For Hair Loss: Game-Changer Or Not?" over at LightTherapyInsiders.com because Bart did an excellent job with that article! I have a video on the same topic.

Also, you might like to see my first impressions video on this CurrentBody LED hair growth product. Plus, stay tuned for my next review of the Mito Red LED and laser helmets video.

Should You Buy?

Before you go, let's consider whether I would recommend you buy this or not. I would advise you come to your own conclusions based on what you've seen in the photos. Do you see an improvement?

I was concerned going into this test that this helmet would be underpowered. It's only coming out at 3mW/cm². When we look at the science, anything from say 3 up to 90mW/cm² showed benefits. This is right down at the lowest end of that range.

Compare this 3mW/cm² to a panel where you're getting 60 to 80mW/cm² at 6in, and you don't even have to be right next to it. That's a lot more therapeutic light. Now, I'm not saying more is better.

If you look at 3 to 90mW/cm², let's say you want to be in the middle at around 40 or 50mW/cm². Well, you're not going to get a middle of the pack power output from this from this headset.

How Much Does It Cost?

This helmet sells for $859 bucks. You can get 15% off with code ALEX which drops it to around $730. I still consider that a hefty investment for something that's only usable on your head.

Here's a quick price comparison at today's rates that shows CurrentBody and other light therapy hair regrowth products:
Hooga Hat $400 (before discount ALEX)
Mito Red Light LED helmet $495 (before discount ALEX5)
iRestore $699
CurrentBody $859 ($730 after 15% discount code CBALEX)
Illumiflow Cap $699 to $799
Hairmax $799
Theradome $695 to $995
Mito Red Light laser helmet $895 (before discount ALEX5)
Xtrallux Turbo $2099
iRestore Pro $2499

Additional Options to Consider

Alternatively, you could look into a tabletop panel for $500 to $600 bucks such as my video review of the BioMax 300 with 70mW/cm² as well as my video review of the 42mW/cm² MitoAdapt Min panel which would both run around $500 to $700.

The valuable thing about panels is that you can use them on all other areas of your body. This CurrentBody helmet has 3mW/cm², so you're getting 1300% more bang for your buck with MitoAdapt's 4 wavelengths and 2233% more total power with BioMax's 7 wavelengths.

If you're curious about what else is out there, check out my video review of Ironforge from a company called Chroma (code ALEX saves there too!). That handheld device is incredibly powerful. We're talking 150mW/cm²! That's 4900% more total power than this CurrentBody helmet.

Chroma's Ironforge is about the same size and shape as a brick, so you can use that on the head, and it's only going to take a few minutes to move it around. The panels are not as movable so, you would need to move your head around. Naturally, the big advantage of CurrentBody is that it is designed for the shape of your head with both a smaller and larger size.

When I interviewed the inventor of this product, Michael, he said his really thick hair is from routinely using this helmet. You can check out that interview, and I'll put another link to that below.

Do we need that super high-end intensity? The research isn't clear. There are so many variables with red light therapy, and every scientific research team uses different products and protocols.

An extremely high-powered device like this Chroma Ironforge must be kept in motion and not be used too close to the body. It's something to consider since it costs about $900. I've got an 8% discount code so maybe you'll get it for $828 or so. However, their website says it is on backorder until April of 2024.

I don't want to sound disappointed in the CurrentBody hair regrowth product, especially if it has led to some growth in my hair. I hope so because that would be amazing.

However, when you're evaluating this device purely from a helicopter point of view that surveys the entire red light therapy space, there may be better options for you out there. I have been using a lot of light therapy panels routinely for many years, but I have never used them on top of my head.

Maybe that's why all of a sudden there could be some new hair growth, perhaps. Previously, I've only used the lights directly in front of my face or with them hitting the back of my head.

I really appreciate your support because your likes and comments help me grow the credibility to reach out to more companies and scientists which generates a wealth of knowledge from evaluating innovative products to share with this Light Therapy Insiders community that we are building together.

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