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The Surprising Amount Your Red Light Panel Costs To Run

Have you wondered how much it'd cost to run a red light therapy panel? It's something I recently got curious about, so I decided to find out.

A Mito Red light therapy panel plugged into a device that measures power consumption.
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Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to run a red light therapy panel? It's something I recently got curious about, so I decided to find out.

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My daily go-to panel is a monster-size BioMAX 900 4-panel setup. It has a total of 1200 LEDs. It's massive! This got me thinking, "How much am I actually spending every time I use it?"

In this article, I'm going to reveal exactly how much that setup is costing me. I'm also going to be looking at a bunch of other popular panels.

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To find out how much my red light therapy panels cost to run, I bought a power meter. This will tell us how many watts any particular appliance is drawing from the power grid through the wall outlet. I've used this meter to test a bunch of panels.

Panels' Electricity Consumption

The wattage figure for each of these panels means that if you left these panels running for an hour that's how many watts each one would use. With these figures, we can run some simple math.

So let's look at the first panel the MitoADAPT MIN. It has a draw of 120 watts. That means over one hour of use it uses 120 watts which is the same as 0.12 kilowatts (kW). Assuming we use this panel for a session time of 20 minutes with four sessions a week all 52 weeks of the year, this works out to be 69.3 hours of use in a year.

Alex turns on the MitoADAPT MIN light therapy panel.

I'm going to make things simple and just round this up to 70 hours a year. So now we have the total amount of hours we use this panel in a year and the amount of electricity it uses per hour. We can then multiply these together to get the annual electricity use and that is 8.4kW.

All right, now for the fun stuff as we convert this power usage into dollars. Here's where it gets a little bit tricky because electricity rates vary all throughout the world.

I went to GlobalPetrolPrices.com where they have average electricity rates per country for 2022 and used those figures for my calculations.

Panels' USD Running Costs

The average power price in the USA was $0.175 USD/kW. Using that figure, we can say that using this MitoADAPT MIN four times a week 20 minute sessions at a time over the course of a year will cost you a whopping ... wait for it ... $1.50!

Don't worry, I checked those numbers three or four times because I thought, "This is crazy! It's way lower than I expected!"

Now, what happens if you live in another country with much higher electricity prices? I plugged in the numbers for Australia, and it worked out to be $2.70 Australian dollars (AUD).

Finally, what about the UK because their electricity prices are a lot higher. Well it's £3.30 for a year's use running this panel four times a week 20 minutes at a time. That's still less than I expected.

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Granted, that is a small panel. So what about the larger ones? Well let's have a look here.

  • 72 LEDs in the MitoADAPT MIN costs $1.50 USD / $2.70 AUD / £3.30
  • 100 LEDs in the BioMAX 300 costs $2.00 USD / $3.60 AUD / £4.40
  • 150 LEDs in the Joovv Solo 2.0 costs $3.10 USD / $4.13 AUD / £6.82
  • 300 LEDs in the MitoPRO 1500 is 400W and costs $4.90 USD / $6.53 AUD / £10.78
  • 600 LEDs in the Rojo 3000 is a powerful beast drawing 2000 watts! Thus it costs $23.00 USD /$30.67 AUD / £50.60

So all of this is quite surprising, isn't it?

Commercial Setups?

What about if you're in the commercial space, and you're looking at a light therapy bed or panel set-up for regular client use?

Well, I cranked out some numbers here, and this is what I came up with. Let's assume it's going to be an enormous elaborate set-up drawing 4000 watts.

Let's say you're running it for five hours a day. You've got 10 sessions at half an hour each five times a week. That works out to be 1300 hours a year. When you crunch the numbers, it returns a figure of $910.

For a commercial business operating an enormous setup far beyond a home setup, it's still a great deal at $2.86 per customer's session.

Finishing Thoughts

Now that we have discovered that running a red light therapy panel is not expensive at all, you're probably keen to get the biggest and best setup you can afford, right? In that case, check out my home's red light therapy setup here.

Alex standing in front of 4 BioMAX 900 panels

This is the BioMAX 900 quad setup with a whopping 1200 LEDs! It's only costing me $18.50 a year to use this four times a week.

So despite the hefty initial investment in these panels, at least I can rest easy at night knowing it's not costing me a lot to use them. I hope this good news will be useful to all of you who either own red light therapy products or are looking into buying one or more.

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