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Hooga HG24 4 in 1 Review: The Cheapest Beauty Therapy Light Ever?

In this Hooga 4 in 1 product review, I consider the pros and cons of this handheld red light therapy device

Hooga HG24 4 in 1 Review: The Cheapest Beauty Therapy Light Ever?
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After researching the best wavelengths for skin and beauty health, I thought to myself, "A company needs to come out with a panel that incorporates all of these wavelengths, maybe with dual chip LEDs, and it will be able to treat the face. It'd be awesome!"

Unfortunately, I don't think that product exists yet. However, I have found the next best thing: The Hooga Health HG24 4-in-1 light therapy device.

You're not going to believe how affordable it is! In fact, I dare you to take a guess, come up with a number, cut it in half, and I bet you're still above the price that this retails for. I'll reveal the cost shortly.

I aim to be affiliated with all light therapy companies as much as possible to remove any bias. If you purchase products through links in the article or using discount code ALEX, then I receive a small commission at no cost to you which funds these reviews to help you make informed decisions.

First, let's take a look at the product. It is from a company called Hooga Health they are well known for their great value red light therapy devices. This is something unique of course. It's not a panel or a wrap. It is a handheld light device.

Alex holding a handheld beauty light therapy device

It's really quite simple. It's a bunch of LEDs in a device that screws straight into a cord which then goes in the wall there is a little switch but there's nothing else. There's no timer, no beepers, and no control panel. The whole thing only weighs one and a half pounds. And it's not too large.

Wavelength Testing & Benefits

But here's where it gets interesting. There's 12 LEDs on the front, and they are split into four different wavelengths. I've got my spectrometer here so what I'm going to do is see exactly what is being emitted from this device.

I detected five unique wavelengths here:

  • blue light peak and around 455 nanometers (nm)
  • amber yellow peak around 595nm
  • red at 660nm
  • near infrared at 850nm
  • and surprisingly in the 910nm range too!
Spectrometer graph showing five beneficial light therapy wavelengths

That is quite interesting since that wasn't listed on the website as a feature. It's not in the manual but around that 900nm range there is some evidence to show that wavelength of light is pretty beneficial, so that's cool. It's a nice little bonus.

Of course, these wavelengths have been included in this device to help you get the best results when it comes to skin and beauty. The blue light is going to help with skin tone and skin complexion. And of course also acne issues. Plus there is an added benefit in there that if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder, you can get a nice little benefit there as well.

The amber yellow may help with fine lines and wrinkles. It could also help with inflammatory skin issues such as eczema. Naturally, that near infrared light is going to penetrate deeper than blue light to help with any inflammatory issues.

Power Testing & Dosing

I also check the power output from this light. I was concerned that it might be a little bit underpowered but surprisingly it was really good with a peak power reading of about 55 milliwatts over centimeter squared (55mW/cm2) at six inches (6in).

Alex uses a spectrometer to measure the wavelengths in this light therapy device

The average power was around that 50mW reading as well which is pretty good. It had a total wattage output of 2.5 watts. Of course, that's because of the small size. I do need to mention it was a little bit tricky measuring all of this given the shape.

I also need to note that we're looking at wavelengths that aren't in the typical red and near infrared range in here, so that may skew some of the data especially if you want to compare it to other devices.

The key takeaway is: you really only need to use this for about five minutes at a time to get those surface level skin benefits. Of course, you're going to have to move it around to treat all areas of your face. Still, you may be able to do your whole face in 15–20 minutes tops.

I do need to mention that EMF levels in the electric field were a little bit high. That is because it's not grounded. That's quite a bummer since it's such a simple thing to fix. With that in mind, I personally wouldn't be pushing it right up against my face. I'd be holding it a few inches away because of that EMF issue.

So before I reveal the amazing price here, I'll put my affiliate discount links to this device below because I do appreciate your support for me to test and review these light therapy products.

Price & Warranty

So yes, this device is very inexpensive. You can get it for $39 USD which is amazing!

Even better, Hooga Health is giving me a code to share with you guys. That discount code is ALEX. It'll bring the price down to $37.

If you're in the States, you'll only pay about $5–10 for shipping which is also amazing. Internationally, you can get it for about $20–25. So all of these numbers are quite good really.

I'll also point out it's got a one year warranty. There's no real moving parts or buttons or anything like that, so I don't see why you wouldn't get a couple years of solid use out of this.

My Likes

Okay so what do I like about the Hooga Health HG24 4-in-1 (discount code ALEX saves)? Well first up, the obvious one is its great price. It is incredibly cheap. You could even get two of these to have one on each side of your face, and you're still going to have change left from $100. It's quite amazing!

I also like the addition of the 910nm light. I don't know if that's by design or what. But a bit of 910nm in there is pretty cool. Effectively, you're getting five wavelengths from this.

Alex shines the portable light therapy device on his face

The fact that it's so portable is neat. It's easy to chuck it in a bag or a suitcase if you're traveling. You can move it from your bedroom to your kitchen without having to lug any heavy panels around. It is very portable. The downside is you're not getting the full-body treatment area.

The other thing I should mention is you can get a stand for this. At first, I thought, "Oh this may be a bit annoying holding it for five minutes at a time in different areas."

The good news is that when you add this to your cart at HoogaHealth.com, there will be the option to buy its stand. It is only 20 bucks for that. It's like a little microphone tabletop stand. So you can just mount that to the surface of your furniture. I think that's money well spent since it's only $20.

Alternatively, it's a standard screw fitting, so you could just go into a hardware or a furniture store, a lighting store and get your own mount for this. You could get something that's adjustable and looks nice.

I also do like that it's simple to use. It's just a button on and off. You can't really beat that.

I'm surprised there is really good light coverage as well. I thought because there were going to be four different wavelengths in here we were going to see blotches of light such as blue here, yellow there and red down here. Instead, when I did the tests, I was surprised it does blend rather well and is nicely spread out especially at around that four to six inch mark.

My Dislikes

Okay so what I don't like about it? There's no timer. I really like red light therapy devices that have a timer. Otherwise, it's very easy to overdo it or underdo it. Of course, you can still use your phone or a watch, but a timer is always nice.

Secondly, it's not perfect in the sense that it is small. When it comes to treating the face, if I want to do my right side, I could hold it out like so and get pretty good coverage. But then of course I still need to do my left side. And I may want to do my neck or my forehead. So you may end up doing three or four or even five different treatment areas.

I highly recommend using the complimentary protective goggles since we don't want to be shining blue light directly into our eyes. Plus, these shades make these bright lights in your face a little more comfortable.

Though if you're using these it does limit your vision which is going to get pretty old not being able to see everything as easily.

Finally, I got this shipped to New Zealand, and there was no local plug, so I had to use an adapter not into the world especially given the price. I will say the cord could be a little bit longer which is not a big deal, but you may find you're a little bit limited as to where all you can use it unless you use an extension cord.

Okay so should you buy the Hooga Health HG24 4-in-1? Well, it has five wavelengths, a decent amount of power, it's simple to use, and you can get it for $37. I mean why would you not buy it?

Handheld light therapy device glowing with multiple wavelengths

Alternative Beauty Panels

Of course, this is aimed more for beauty users. If you're looking for a device that is going to help with your sore knee or some inflammatory issue, this may not be your best option. You're better off getting something that is a dedicated red and near infrared device.

Hooga also makes budget panels. I have reviewed one of these devices before the HG300, so I'll put a link to that if you do want to go down that path instead. But if beauty is your goal, then yes this device is great!

I just wish Hooga Health also offered this blend of wavelengths in a panel. It would be really cool having a desktop panel with say 60 or 100 LEDs split between all of these wavelengths. Then you could do one five minute session and get your whole face, neck and forehead all treated in a single hit. That would be awesome!

Of course if you can't see yourself using such a small device then you probably want to consider those tabletop options. There are some out there that do a pretty good job in the beauty space.

A lineup of many different tabletop red light therapy panels

One that pops to mind is the BioMAX 300. That device doesn't have the amber light, but it does have a couple of blue LEDs. You also get a wider range of the red and the near infrared light.

Best of all, it's a nice size. It looks really good. You can get a really great metal stand for it. It's super easy to use and puts out a ton of power as well.

It is a lot more expensive, and I do have a discount link. I'll put that link below if you do want to check it out as well as my review of the BioMAX 300 since it is something to consider having 6 different wavelengths.

If you are looking for a red light therapy device that has the blue light in it that is going to be both easy to use as well as allowing you to do one 5 minute treatment session instead of multiple treatment sessions.

Beauty Panels Compared

Alternatively, check out this video here where I compare 10 tabletop red light therapy devices, and I determine which one is the best for beauty purposes.

And let me know what you think of this especially if you decide to get one. I'm sure our whole community in our new Light Therapy Insiders group on Facebook would like to hear about your experiences too. Also, if you have any other questions or comments, please leave them below.

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