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Revealed: The Top 3 Red Light Therapy Panels in Canada

In this blog post, I review the best red light therapy panels for Canada and provide three excellent options.

Revealed: The Top 3 Red Light Therapy Panels in Canada
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What is the best red light therapy panel for Canadians?

Don’t forget to read all the way to the end where I’ll give a shout out to other Canadian companies selling red light therapy panels that I could not test.

If you haven’t seen my 2024 Red Light Therapy Comparison Video, I highly recommend checking out that video. I invested a considerable amount of time in that video analyzing and comparing these panels, ultimately deciding which ones were the most exceptional and which ones were the least impressive.

I listed them in order, starting with the best and ending with the 17th place. I have analyzed and compiled all the data from the end of round six in my 2024 Red Light Comparison Series, and we will start our analysis from that moment from that video.

The seventh and final round in that video looked at price and shipping for American customers. We’re going to take those results and determine which one’s the best for you in Canada.

I aim to be affiliated with all light therapy companies as much as possible to remove any bias. If you purchase products through links in the article or using discount code ALEX, then I receive a small commission at no cost to you which funds these reviews to help you make informed decisions.

Elimination Round 1: Options That Don't Ship To Canada

Let’s aim to select about 3 good panels. Let’s eliminate any panels where the company doesn’t ship to Canada. The following only ship to America:

So these panels are eliminated as Canadian options.

Elimination Round 2: Options With High Shipping Costs

Now we have 15 panels that you can get shipped to Canada. Let’s remove any panel that has a high shipping cost. Here are the shipping costs of different panels to Canada:

So this is where we end up with:

Elimination Round 3: Prioritizing Canadian Warehouses

Right now, 10 Panels remain. Eight of the ten have free shipping to Canada. Interestingly, two of these placed first and second in my series for American customers and their shipping to Canada is low. Shipping to Canada for the PlatinumLED Biomax 900 is about $69 and the Block Blue Light Mega 4.0 is about $14.

The next step is to eliminate any panel or company that doesn’t have a warehouse in Canada. I do this for several reasons. Chances are if the company is shipping from within Canada, you’ll receive it reasonably quickly and be paying in the local currency.

Another point to consider is that if there is a local warehouse, you won’t have any import duties or taxes. Import duties and taxes can add a substantial amount to any of the panels purchased that have free shipping. Also, consider the shipping expenses and inconvenience of sending items from Canada when filing warranty claims. 

Finally, The Top 3 Panels for Canada:

I suggest watching my reviews on each panel by clicking on the name. If you want to buy, find my discount links and codes below. Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it.

Let’s look at metrics to determine which one is best!

  • The first column represents the position or rating: first, second, or third.
  • The second column is the position this panel placed in my comparison series
  • The third column displays the points received by the panel in the comparison series. I show this because there is a gap between the Rouge panel and the Infrared and Kala Elite panels. The Rouge panel received twice the points of the other panels and ranked fourth out of 17, demonstrating what a good panel it is.
  • The last column shows the price in Canadian dollars, including shipping, taxes, and other fees, after applying my discount code “ALEX” and referral link.

Alright, it’s decision time. Are you willing to spend $1,600 to $1,700 on a panel with excellent features? Or are you on a budget? Between the two options, there is a significant price difference of about $500. The Kala Elite is not my choice because it costs more and ranks lower than the Infraredi panel based on my individual reviews.

The Best Red Light Therapy for Canadians is: The Rouge G3 Pro

The Rouge G3 Pro, an excellent panel from a reputable company and it secured the 4th spot out of 17 in my comparison series. It may cost more than the Infraredi Pro Max, but I think it’s worth the price. I think the Infraredi Pro panel is noisy and I don’t like it. Ruge Care and Kala are both in Candia, but Infraredi is not. 

Make sure to join my Facebook group. We have more in-depth discussions there. I hope you’ll join us in the interesting conversations. Members share their ideas, observations, experiences, questions, and review requests. It’s an interactive group!

Other Panel Considerations

I took the top 3 panels from my comparison video to see how they compare to the top panel for Canadians. All three scored above the Rouge G3 Pro: PlatinumLED Biomax 900, Block Blue Light Mega 4.0 and the Rojo Therapy Refine 900 (code ALEX works for the latter two). These panels have more features, multiple wavelengths, touchscreen control and all that cool stuff.

The Biomax and Block Blue Light are pricier than Rouge G3 Pro (code ALEX saves), but they come with more features. On the flip side, the Rouge panel is $100 cheaper and has great functionality. It includes a touchscreen control panel, an app, five different wavelengths, and smart modes. In short, it has a lot of impressive features.

My Conclusion

If you aren’t concerned with buying local, potentially spending $100 on import duties and waiting for a shipment from possibly American, then consider these other panels. If you want to buy local, keeping it streamlined and as simple as can be then consider the Rouge G3 panel, it’s a great panel. 

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3 Additional Canadian Possibilities

There are three more Canadian red light therapy companies out there. However, two of them offer red light therapy panels, while the other sells red light products.

  • The first company is Orion, and they’re in Vancouver. They have a wide range of products. They’re pricey and I haven't tested their stuff.
  • The second company is Vellgus. I think this company is based in Canada. Their website was very problematic when I tried to do research, so I couldn’t find much information.
  • The third company is Vielight. They don’t sell panels, but their red light therapy products are very good. These products are specifically designed for the brain, focusing on head and intranasal use. Very different than a panel company, more like a medical company. I interviewed the founder, and have reviewed some of their products. Check the videos below:

In this video I break down the different Vielight product offerings.

In this video I analyze the science on the Vielight products

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