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ROJO Therapy 3000 Review: Largest Panel I've Tested!

In this blog post I review the Rojo 3000, the biggest red light therapy panel I've ever tested. Here's the exciting outcome...

ROJO Therapy 3000 Review: Largest Panel I've Tested!
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Hello! The ROJO 3000 is officially the largest panel I've ever used or tested with 600 LEDs, four wavelengths, and it's nearly six feet tall!

It's from an Australian-based company with free shipping to citizens of Australia and New Zealand. Now, if you're from the UK or the USA, don't worry I've got some good news for you that I'll reveal later on.

I aim to be affiliated with all light therapy companies as much as possible to remove any bias. If you purchase products through links in the article or using discount code ALEX, then I receive a small commission at no cost to you which funds these reviews to help you make informed decisions.

This is the first time I've actually used a panel that was this tall. Prior to receiving this, the largest panel I've ever tested had 300 LEDs. This panel is double that with 600 LEDs!

I can see the benefit of such a large panel. You can stand right next to it and get your full body treatment. It's not quite a full shoulder to shoulder width. You would really need to consider putting two of them side by side to get that.

Not only does this panel have plenty of LEDs, it also has near infrared pulsing, a nice control panel, and a complimentary remote.

Power & Wavelength Measurement

Let's look at my measurements here to see how much power this thing is putting out. Next, we will have a look at how much power this thing is drawing from the wall.

ROJO 3000 has two nice peaks in the red light range at 630 nanometers (nm) and 660nm. There's still a decent amount of therapeutic light in between those ranges as well.

When we check out the near infrared light, there is a bit of a peak at 830nm and then a large peak at 850nm, but it is missing out on the specific benefits of 810nm light.

With this panel, you're getting good coverage in both the near infrared and the red light ranges which are beneficial for skin health, collagen production, wound healing, muscle recovery, joint pain, and more.

When it comes to the power figures, testing a panel of this size was a little bit tricky since it is twice as large as any other panel I've tested, but hopefully my measurements will give a rough idea of what ROJO 3000 is capable of.

The peak power reading I had was 100 milliwatts over centimeters squared which is exceptional! The average power reading was an incredible 75.9mW/cm2 ! The total power output across the whole panel was a massive 313 watts!

I also plugged in my power meter to discover ROJO 3000 is drawing 1910 watts. So it's not the kind of device you want to leave running in the background if you're not using it. Otherwise, you're going to get quite a large power bill.

I hope you find value in all these metrics and the testing that I do. It does take considerable time and costs me a lot of money for some of these devices as well, so I appreciate your support by using my product links to keep doing this for more products in the future.

Price, Value & Shipping

I also measured the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) numbers and the sound levels. The EMF was great. No issues there. The sound came out to be 51 decibels (dB) which is to be expected given the size of this thing since it does have eight fans back there.

Considering this is such a large, high-powered panel, you would think it's going to cost a ton, right? Well, in a way it does because it is such a big panel. There are a whopping 600 LEDs in there! But when you actually look at it from a value point of view, it's actually really good.

Now this panel retails for $3295 Australian dollars with taxes already included in the cost. Discount code ALEX will save you 10% on this panel which is quite remarkable. That brings the price down to under $3000 Australian dollars. Converted to US dollars at the time of doing this calculation, that works out to be about $2000 USD. (Australian $3040 = $2025 USA). Click to get a Rojo 3000 HERE.

Again, it's quite a remarkable price for a panel that's got 600 LEDs. Remember, this is an Australian company. However, they do ship out of both in New Zealand and Australia. That means if you are an Aussie or you're a Kiwi, you're going to get this panel in just a matter of days which is great.

Not only that, shipping and taxes are also included in the purchase price for citizens of Australia and New Zealand.

Now, if you are in the States or the UK and you want to get your hands on one of these, I recommend reaching out to ROJO. I'll put a link to their website below (code ALEX saves). Just tell them what you're interested in and where you live. They'll get back to you on whether they can do it or not.

Anyway, I crunched these numbers and came out with a power value of $6.40 USD for each watt of therapeutic red light. Now apart from an Alibaba panel this is actually the lowest figure I've ever seen which is quite remarkable!

Stands & Accessories

What about stands and accessories? Well, it comes with this metal, wall mount bracket. I use these types of brackets on my BioMAX 900s. They actually cost $75 if you're ordering those direct from PlatinumLED.

Thankfully, the wall mount bracket included as a complementary accessory with the ROJO 3000 panel which adds to the value. The bracket allows you to mount this panel on any wall. There's no chain or pulley system included because of its size.

It does come in at a hefty 47 pounds. So you're going to need to ensure you are mounting it into the wall's wooden frame behind the drywall/plasterboard.

Alternatively, ROJO offers two stand options: a motorized and a non-motorized stand. I haven't tested the ROJO stands yet, but if they're anything like the PlatinumLED stands that I have reviewed before, they're going to be very useful for such a large panel.

These stands retail for about $1000 Australian. Finally, ROJO offers a three year warranty and a 60-day return period.

My Likes

Okay so what do I like about this panel? Well, the obvious thing is its size, right? This is literally a true body panel. It's providing red light treatment from head to toe all in one panel.

There's no need to connect multiple panels or play around with cables. It's all there in one panel. If you want to go all out, get two to mount side by side so you can enjoy shoulder to shoulder coverage widthwise.

Though they are a new company, a lot of thought has gone into the product. It looks good and works well. It has a decent manual, and all the key accessories are included.

If you weren't aware, ROJO is associated with the well-known Sun Stream infrared saunas. That's a company that's been around for over a decade and has built a highly credible reputation with customers around the world.

The panel also offers pulsing in the near infrared wavelengths from one hertz (Hz) to 20Hz. You can change that on the control panel or with the remote. The remote is handy, but there are some limitations to it that I will address below.

Finally, we have price and value. To be honest, if you live in New Zealand or Australia, the options have been quite limited and rather expensive when it comes to getting a panel shipped to your door.

That finally changes with ROJO! Not only that, you can now get an extremely powerful, rather large panel at an exceptional price.

If you crunch the numbers and compare this to a different panel such as a Mito Red 1500 (which looks tiny in comparison I should add) or a BioMAX 900 panel, you soon realize that this massive panel is a tremendous value! The fact that it ships locally for me with sales tax and shipping included is a nice bonus.

My Dislikes

Okay so what do I not like about it? Well, let's look at this control panel. Yes, it is better than a lot of its competitors. Sure, it does provide options. It offers pulsing and dimming. You can disable red light or near infrared light. You can even link multiple panels together.

All of that is good, however it's a little bit frustrating to use. You've got to go through lots of options and lots of menus just to do simple things. If you want to increase the time or drop the intensity of the near infrared.

There's a lot of clicks and beeps. Sometimes I just think, "There could have been a dedicated button for this."

Secondly, I don't like the height of the control panel. It should really be eye level with its current position. You've got to reach around and then look down. The screen is rather small.

So not only do you have to crouch down you've got to get up close as well. It's just a little bit frustrating. It would be so much better if it was say 8 inches higher.

My issue with the remote is that it's quite limited because you need to change everything through the menus. The buttons on the remote are the same as the buttons on the control panel. You still need to be seeing that screen, thus you don't really need the remote since you could just as easily touch the buttons on the control screen.

Shipping Logistics

The package is also very very heavy and quite large. I was lucky that got delivered to my door, but I wouldn't be surprised if some people get a note saying look you've got to go down to the local depot to pick it up.

If that happens you then may need to arrange for a trailer, van, truck, SUV, or ute (utility vehicle) to pick it up depending on your car because it is a large box, and it is quite heavy.

I can see why quite a few companies now have decided not to go into these large full panel designs and instead just sell multiple smaller units, so you can link them together.

Obviously, the price point is high, but again it doesn't mean it's overpriced. In fact, I think it's an exceptional value!

Finally, the thing that's going to bother most of you out there is the fact that they're Australian based and they are not offering free international shipping at this time.

Should You Buy?

Okay so who's this panel for? I came up with two types of users. Firstly, is the commercial user wanting a large panel that's easy to use. Maybe you could get two of them, or maybe you get a stand to use it in a clinic or a gym.

Secondly, anyone in New Zealand or Australia that is keen to have a premium, well-built, large red light therapy panel from a local company.

So what other panels should you consider whether you're in New Zealand or overseas? Well, there's actually quite a few options because you can always get the smaller panels and link them together. Most red light therapy companies sell them as packages.

One example was Mito Red. You could get the MitoPRO 1500 and the MitoPRO 750 (code ALEX5 saves on these) That's going to give you a similar height, but it's actually a lot narrower and you're only getting 450 LEDs with that setup. They do provide free shipping to America though and that setup would come in at about $1600 after using discount code ALEX5.

Mito Red also has a commercial range. The Mito Red Mega (code ALEX5 saves here too!) will come in around $2300. It has 600 LEDs just like this one. It's a little bit shorter than the ROJO 3000, but it's wider.

Next up you could get two BioMAX 900s (you get a discount code after clicking the link) with free shipping in America which has 600 LEDs total which would run around $2600 if you include the metal wall mounting bracket like the ROJO 3000 has.

The upside to BioMAX is that you're getting two more wavelengths. You're getting 810nm light plus blue light which the ROJO doesn't have. You are also getting a slightly wider treatment area if you combine 4 BioMAX panels side-by-side, but you're going to end up with a big weak spot through the middles where the panels meet.

Finishing Thoughts

If all of this is just a pipe dream, and you're watching this just to drool over such a large panel, you might want to check out some of the smaller options.

I've got a really good review of the ROJO 300. It has all the great features that its big brother has. It had a much lower price point.

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Otherwise, if you've got any questions please leave them below, and I'll do my best to get back to you.

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