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Everything About Ben Greenfield And Red Light Therapy

Discover the renowned biohacker Ben Greenfield's protocol for red light therapy, including his preferred devices and firsthand experiences.

Everything About Ben Greenfield And Red Light Therapy
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Ben Greenfield stands at the forefront of the health, fitness, and biohacking world, applying new insights to optimizing human performance and enhancing longevity. Ben is a New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker, and his expertise combines different approaches to improve physical and psychological health.

Among the many other health approaches, he applies red light therapy daily for increasing testosterone level, reducing pain and inflammation and boosting muscle recovery. 

In this article, we delve into one of the most famous biohacker’s red light therapy protocol, we share Ben’s preferred devices and even cover the published MensHealth article that caused a sort of “public outcry”.

But, before we get into the technical part, let’s learn a bit more about Ben. 

More about Ben Greenfield

Greenfield has proven himself to be a standout biohacker, fitness, and wellness guru, with best-sellers like "Boundless" and "Beyond Training". His journey from being a collegiate athlete in tennis, water polo, and volleyball to a 13-time Ironman triathlete underpins his passion for physical excellence.

The NSCA named Ben one of their top America's Personal Trainers, and Greatist has called him one of the most influential people in health and fitness. Pretty high praise, no doubt.

However, Ben's mission doesn’t stop at mere physical health but goes toward achieving a life that has a deep meaning and spiritual richness. Living in the Inland Northwest with his family, Ben truly embodies his teaching, as he continues to explore, enjoy, and educate on the potential that the human body and spirit is capable of.

You might get the feeling that - based on his background and attitude - his advice on red light therapy should be taken seriously as well.

Ben’s First Encounter With Red Light Therapy

In his constant search for health promoting methods, he discovered red light therapy as a potential testosterone booster. As he dug deeper into the subject, he revealed that red light therapy is believed to stimulate ATP production, thereby increasing cellular energy and specifically boosting the activity of Leydig cells - which are the primary sources of testosterone in males - in the testes.

Seeking further validation, he consulted with Dr. Olli Sovijarvi, a Finnish physician with expertise in testosterone and fertility issues. As the doctor confirmed that studies had documented positive effects of specific red and NIR wavelengths on the testes, Ben became convinced to start his own experiment.

Not too long after that, MensHealth published an article - written by Ben - that blew the fuse immediately.

If you read it you may not be too surprised, why.

Ben Greenfield’s Red Light Therapy Protocol

Ben initially used his first red light panel to promote an increase in testosterone levels specifically.

As you can read in his article mentioned above, he aimed the light directly at his genitals. Initially, a session lasted only a few minutes, and later, up to 20 minutes. After he noticed an immediate positive change - mainly in terms of increased sexual desire - he began to apply the red light to other areas of his body.

Since the early days, his protocol has evolved quite a lot. Currently:

  1. He uses two full-body panels for a maximum of 20 minutes without wearing any clothes.
  2. Besides the panels, he also places a brain-enhancing helmet on his head, making the most out of his sessions. (Spoiler alert: he has two helmets that he uses alternately.)

Get a sneak peak of how the morning ritual looks like for Ben.

What Red Light Devices Ben Greenfield Uses?

Ben says he took the advice of his doctor friend, Dr. Olli and invested in a Joove panel at the beginning and has stuck with the brand ever since.

He stands between two of the biggest Joove 3.0 generation full-body panels every day - pretty much as Scott, the co-founder of Mito Red Light company does with his own brand’s devices. If you want, you can read more about Scott and his company in this post. Also check out Alex's review about the Joovv 3.0 - Alex doesn't consider the panel your best option even, despite Greenfield's success!

But back to Ben's article. As Ben states in his article:

With Joovv's red light therapy devices, more time is not better—they're super strong and effective, and I do a maximum of 20 minutes while I'm drinking my coffee and reading articles.

He spices things up by using a product called Vielight, too. This device aims to deliver photobiomodulation to both the cranium and the brain through transcranial and intranasal pathways. He is switching between the alpha 10 Hz and the gamma 40 Hz.

You can watch Alex Fergus' review of the Vielight science and the Vielight products on YouTube as well!

If not Vielight, then a Neuronic' device called Neuroradiant 1070, which similarly contributes to improved cognitive function, better sleep and general immune support.

If you'd like to learn more, there's a review article about Neuroradiant 1070, and the company behind this device! Also check out the Vielight science and the Vielight products on YouTube!

Of course, not everyone can afford to have this kind of setup, but Ben is aiming for the maximum possible result in the shortest possible time.

The full body panels provide him the systemic benefits, which he takes even one step further to improve brain performance with the Vielight device

Crazy, huh?

When he's on the move, - which happens quite often in his case - he doesn't leave his red light device at home. But instead of the huge, full-body panel, he carries a much more compact and lightweight version, the Joove Go 2.0. It gives him a more targeted treatment, which he still sticks to on a daily basis.

By the way, we have a comprehensive article about the science behind Vielight, in case you’d find out more about that. 

4 Reasons Ben’s Uses Red Light Therapy

Although the list could actually be much longer, these are the primary reasons why Ben uses this therapy.

Upregulated Mitochondria Activity

Basically all the benefits of red light therapy come from this. This is the foundation. The enhanced mitochondrial activity affects nearly every aspect of cellular metabolism, and has been consistently shown to benefit the human body in numerous ways.

Check out what Ben says about this.

Increase in Testosterone

Ben originally started experimenting with this method to increase testosterone levels. Thanks to almost immediate positive changes, he has been enthusiastically using red land NIR lights for this purpose ever since. Many others have experienced the same, and studies have also proven its effectiveness.  

Improved Cognitive Function

Besides the Joove panels, his Vielight device aims to boost Ben’s mental performance. On his website, he also adds that it can eliminate headaches, boost concentration, and enhance and improve athletic performance.

Muscle Recovery & Physical Performance

Given his lifestyle, Ben often pushes his muscles to an extreme degree. Alongside promoting muscle growth and enhancing physical performance, quick recovery is essential to him. And red light therapy helps with this, too.

Ben’s testimonial related to this subject

Bottom line, red light therapy helps me work out harder and faster, with less pain. Red light gets your cells making energy on high octane so you can perform at your peak. It also boosts your muscle gains by stimulating growth.

FAQs on Ben Greenfield and Red Light Therapy

How does red light therapy fit into Ben Greenfield’s daily wellness routine?

Usually - when he's at home - Ben uses red light therapy in the mornings for about 20 minutes while drinking coffee and reading emails. He says, it's a good detox for the body, while also helps to regenerate his tired muscles.

How has red light therapy impacted Ben Greenfield’s fitness and recovery processes?

Red light's helped his body recover faster after even harder workout sessions, which allows him to do the exercises again sooner without any injury. But it's not only about recovery. In his experience, red light stimulates muscle growth too.

Are there any risks associated with red light therapy that Ben Greenfield warns about?

In particular, he emphasizes the need to choose a high-quality device to minimize potential risks. In your opinion, with the right panel you wouldn't really need to worry about led flicker and EMF emissions either. He also suggests following the recommendations on the duration of therapy, as overuse can potentially do more harm than good.

Please note that it's likely that Ben is changing his red light therapy routine. He may stop using his currently preferred devices and apply new ones. As it happens, I'll update this post accordingly.

As a summary, these are some of the key takeaways regarding Ben Greenfield's use and advice on red light therapy:

  1. Brand Preference: Ben Greenfield uses Joovv red light therapy panels, - based on a friend's recommendation - , and has remained loyal to this brand ever since.
  2. Routine: He uses the devices for a maximum of 20 minutes preferably in the morning.
  3. Diverse Devices: Ben uses additional devices like Vielight and Neuroradiant 1070 for cognitive function and immune support.
  4. Portability for Travel: He uses a compact, portable Joovv Go 2.0 device for travel, ensuring continuous therapy.
  5. Benefits of Red Light Therapy: The main reasons for using red light therapy include enhanced mitochondrial activity, increased testosterone, improved cognitive function, and better muscle recovery and physical performance.

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