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Mito Light Mitohacker 4.0 Review: Surprise Hero, Or?

In this Mito Light Mitohacker 4.0 review, I consider all pros and cons of this red light therapy panel. This panel has some surprising features such as immense power and more!

Mito Light Mitohacker 4.0 Review: Surprise Hero, Or?
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Video Mito Light Mitohacker 4.0 Review: SURPRISE Hero, Or?
Mito Light Video Measurements of MITO LIGHT® 4.0 Wavelengths

Glad you're here! The MITO LIGHT® Mitohacker 4.0 (discount code ALEX saves) has just been released! I've been putting it through the paces, so join me as we delve into the features of this high-quality panel.

I've been reviewing and experimenting with red light therapy panels for many years now. This is what my Light Therapy Insiders company is all about. I am passionate about light therapy because it has worked very well for me and so many members of our community.

I want to help you get all the best information as well as any discounts available to my readers. If you purchase products through my links in this article and use my discount codes, then I receive a small commission at no cost to you which funds these reviews.

I aim to be affiliated with all light therapy companies to be as impartial as possible. Whether or not I am affiliated with a company does not impact my product evaluations. I always strive to share useful, factual information, so that you are empowered with all the knowledge you want to decide which products are best for you.

A lot of people have been asking me what I think of this Czech Republic-based company and their panels.

So before I share all the technical features and the pros and cons of this panel, what do you need to know about it? Well, it is from Mito Light and my interactions with this company have all been great.

This is not the same company as Mito Red Light. That is the American company that has been around for quite some time now based in Arizona with their red sunsets over the desert.

This is Mito Light from Czechia which was historically called Bohemia. They have been in the space for a couple of years now. They've made a big imprint in the European Union (EU) and also internationally because they offer free international shipping, which is a rarity.

That used to be quite common a few years ago, but today with an increase in shipping prices, not that many companies are doing free shipping. So their free international shipping is remarkable!

Unveiling the Brilliance: Key Features

This particular panel is Mito Light's largest panel. It is the Mitohacker with 408 LEDs. You can also get one of their 3 smaller panels: Biohacker, Expert or Starter.

A key difference between this panel and the third-generation panel is that it includes six wavelengths which are all in the red and the near infrared spectrum.

Only one other company has as many wavelengths, PlatinumLED 7th generation BioMax panels have six too, but one of those is blue light, and the 8th gen has 7 wavelengths. Those are intentionally not evenly distributed among all the wavelengths.

Mito Light is one of the very first companies to have a touchscreen control panel. I'm quite impressed with it.

I have reason to believe that more and more panels will have a convenient touchscreen control panel like this in the future. For those who get the Mitohacker 4.0, the future is now.

Mitohacker also offers wireless connectivity if you get multiple panels with no cables required. Also, it supports the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) system.

So you can go out and get any VESA FDMI wall bracket or standing bracket and use that which is pretty cool.

Finally, this thing is a beast! It is a massive 36 inches tall and 16 inches across. It also weighs 34 lbs. I'm still classing this as a wall panel because it doesn't cover full head-to-toe and shoulder-to-shoulder width.

However, it is the largest wall panel that I've ever tested. Until now, only the LightPath LED XL Shorty was wider than 12 inches. That came in at a generous 15 inches, so this tops them all at 16 inches!

Shedding Light on Wavelengths: The Spectrum Unveiled

Now, we'll test the power radiance figures and exactly what wavelengths are being emitted using my spectrometer.

My testing methodology has always been to test at 6 inches / 15cm. I take multiple measurements across the face of the entire panel. My spectrometer consistently showed 4 distinct peaks of the same wavelengths as you see below here.

Karel Mencl, Head of Product for Mitohacker clearly demonstrated in his response video that there are 6 different wavelengths. Three are in the red light range, and the other three are in the near infrared range. By holding his spectrometer flush with the LED, he was able to measure each of them one by one as seen here below.

Video Measurements of MITO LIGHT® 4.0 Wavelengths
Mito Light has six distinct wavelengths of therapeutic light in this panel: 630, 660, 670, 810, 830, and 850nm.
Video Measurements of MITO LIGHT® 4.0 Wavelengths

The panel is putting out a good amount of energy that is evenly distributed among these 6 wavelengths creating a nice, even blend of wavelengths across the face of the panel which is what we want to see.

These are dual chip LEDs, so you are going to get good coverage. Even with the near infrared turned off, every single bulb is still emitting red light which is a great feature!

Karel Mencl, Head of Product for Mitohacker writes:
"Generation 4.0 panels contain dual chips with Multi-Wavelength technology, meaning that both red and near-infrared wavelengths are present in each diode. There are three types of diodes that are evenly distributed in the device:
1) 630 + 810 nm
2) 660 + 830 nm
3) 670 + 850 nm"

Power Readings

The Mito Light company's power figures include a solar meter irradiance of 165mW/cm² at 15cm/6in for an apples to apples comparison with other companies that have done it that way. I always ignore solar meter readings because I don't think a solar meter is the right tool for the job.

Mito Light's power figures show a spectrometer irradiance of 90mW/cm² at 15cm/6in. My spectrometer shows a peak irradiance of 84mW/cm² at 15cm/6in with an average of 71mW/cm² and 216 total watts of power.

When we look at total power output, it has the highest total watts of power panel of any panel I've tested because it has over four hundred LEDs where as most other wall panels only have two to three hundred.

What I Like About The Mitohacker 4.0

The fact that it's got the VESA FDMI mount system is fantastic because it opens up a whole new world of options for mounting these panels. The touchscreen control panel is so convenient. Plus, you've got the ability to dim and silence the button.

Plus, you've got the option to disable Bluetooth for those people who want to minimize EMF exposure. You've also got a really good manual and first-time user's guide, a great assortment of accessories, plus the ability to sync more panels together wirelessly which I think is a nice feature to have.

When it comes to the price side of things, free international shipping, no restocking fee. Plus it's a really good value for the amount of power and features you're getting. It ticks a lot of boxes here.

Finally, I want to talk about the width. It is 16 inches across which is enormous! Standing in front of it, you know you're going to get really good coverage.

If you have seen my light coverage videos, pretty much if you want to treat a particular area of the body, that body part needs to be in front of an LED, even if you're, say, 6 inches, 12 inches, or even further out from the panel. So it's great to see these wider panels hitting the market.

What I Dislike About The Mitohacker 4.0

Sixteen inches wide does make this panel a bit of an odd size because it doesn't truly cover outside shoulder-to-outside shoulder width.

Yet you don't want to get two of these side by side because then you're going to be 32 inches across, which is far too wide.

Typically, we've seen 9 or 12 inch panels. When you get a panel like that, what you can do is get two of them. Then you've got true shoulder-to-shoulder coverage. With my home set up, I have four typical-sized panels set up on one wall for head-to-toe, shoulder-to-shoulder coverage.

Mito Light does sell smaller panels, so you could always get a smaller one alongside this or you could just get two of the smaller ones to go side by side. There are a few ways to play it.

At $1,884, it is on the pricier side, but it's a great value because you are getting a bigger panel with high power and 408 dual chip LEDs and many top of the line features like the touchscreen control panel. This Mito Light link and code ALEX will save you 5% and bring the price down to $1789.

Finally, the sound measurement was 49 decibels (db) at 6in/15cm. It also had an electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) figure of 0.2 microteslas (μT) which is very low, close to zero.

Karel Mencl, Head of Product for Mitohacker writes:
"To put the whole thing in perspective, in Europe, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and the European Union primarily establish the standards and guidelines for exposure to electromagnetic fields. These guidelines are crafted to keep exposure levels within scientifically established safe limits.

"For the general public, the ICNIRP sets exposure limits at 50 Hz, which is typical of Europe's electrical power systems. The threshold is established at 100 microteslas (uT), which is 500x higher than the 0.2 uT emitting from the Mitohacker 4.0, as measured by Alex Fergus. Consequently, a magnetic field value of 0.2 uT is very, very low in the context of European standards. It falls comfortably within the safety limits outlined by health and safety regulations. Given the current knowledge and standards, this magnetic field intensity is unlikely to present any health hazards."

This may sound picky, but there was no included remote. It's not a biggie, but a lot of companies these days are shipping basic remote controls with their devices. However, Mito Light has a useful mobile app which is nice.

Finishing Thoughts

Overall, then, what is my take? With Mito Light's free shipping plus no restocking fee, no matter where you live in the world, you should highly consider it! Plus, they do have a 3 year warranty on top of that.

Of course, if you live in the Czech Republic, then it's a no-brainer because they're shipping from your country, you're protected from local consumer laws and all that good stuff.

I do know a lot of people worldwide who have been buying these and have reported great experiences and lots of positive feedback. This is Mito Light's fourth-generation product line, so they have been in the market for a while. All of these things give them high marks in my book!

I'd be more than happy to use this panel if it was the only panel I could have. It's got good power output, a wide spectrum of wavelengths, a nice blend of light, and it's rather easy to use. It comes with all the accessories, and I can add more on too. It even comes with a good manual.

If you are in the market to buy a panel, you should always do your due diligence, do a ton of research, watch these reviews, and also see what other panels are available out there.

I'll have to do some head-to-head comparisons. This panel versus the LightPath LED XL Shorty (code ALEX saves here too!) would be interesting because that panel is 15 inches wide and has a lot of 810nm light. You can check out my full review here.

I hope you liked my Mito Light Mitohacker 4.0 review. Please leave any questions below and stay tuned for more of my in depth reviews.

Be sure to head over to my Facebook group where we can discuss all of this in a lot more depth. I hope you will join us in the interesting discussions we have there. I look forward to hearing your ideas, observations, experiences, questions, and requests for future tests, so please share them with our LTI community.

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