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Europe's Best Red Light Therapy Panel [Review & Comparison]!

In this blog post, I describe the best red light therapy panel Europe options, and pick 5 winners! And you'll save massively on shipping and import taxes with these options...

Europe's Best Red Light Therapy Panel [Review & Comparison]!
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Video Europe's Best Red Light Therapy Panel!

All right, you're living in the European Union EU and you're on the hunt for the perfect red light therapy panel? Well, let me tell you, it can be a bit of a maze out there. Most of the big players in the red light therapy game are based in the good ol' US of A, catering mainly to the American crowd.

In Europe, if you're seeking the finest red light therapy panel, the selection process may seem daunting. However, 15 of the companies I recently reviewed do ship to Europe. There are also excellent European-based companies with warehouses, offices, Euro pricing, and multilingual support.

But you'll be chuffed, my Euro pals, because there are some fantastic options for you! I've meticulously sifted through a mountain of red light therapy metrics about the best available products to bring you the scoop on the cream of the crop companies to consider.

I want to help you get all the best information as well as any discounts available to my readers. If you purchase products through my links in this article and use my discount codes, then I receive a small commission at no cost to you which funds these reviews.

European Comparison Criteria

Let's start this chinwag by talking about criteria. I've already done the legwork, ranking 17 different panels based on various factors like power, wavelength, ease of use, and company history. It was a mammoth task, but I've got you covered!

You can check out the full breakdown in my 2024 red light therapy comparison video because that will give you a good understanding of everything about all these panels that is brilliant and some stuff that's rubbish.

I would highly recommend you watching that video first in a new tab on your browser. However, bear in mind, that comparison was mainly geared towards our friends across the pond in the States. So, let's refine our focus now and zero in on what matters most for European customers.

How are we going to take these 17 products from around the globe and narrow it down to the five best options for your consideration? For starters, let's scrap all the companies that don't ship to Europe. That means the Red Rush 840 and the Gembared Overclocked both get booted out straight away.

Now, that leaves 15 companies to weed through. So to streamline the selection process, I only want to consider companies that have a warehouse in the EU that's because you will get your panel much faster if it's just a cross-country road trip or a brief flight rather than if it's being shipped from overseas.

Working with an EU warehouse means you don't have to hassle with import duty fees and value-added tax (VAT). The last thing we want is for it to get held up at the borders after traveling halfway around the world.

Some members of our community living in Germany have had their products held up at the borders recently. So I'm wanting to ensure things go smoothly for you by recommending you go with a warehouse in the Europe to prevent those unnecessary headaches.

If you did have an issue with your panel, it would be easier and faster to resolve or return for a refund if you are dealing with a warehouse in your region of the world than if you were shipping it clear across the globe again back from whence it came.

Plus, local consumer laws are in place for your protection. If you opt for a foreign panel and later learn that not everybody is on the same page or even playing by the same rule book, it could be a rude awakening if the company was being difficult about dealing with the issue.

In my comparison series of 17 panels, I rewarded those companies who have built a longer history of being reliable and credible. Thus, the panels that ranked highest partly got there from their points for their good reputation from past customer service support over the years.

Top 5 European Panels

Now, onto the main event. Here are the five panels that ship from an EU warehouse which is paramount in my mind.

EU Warehouses
LuminousRed is a company in Austria
CytoLED Triplex is based in the Netherlands
Mito Light Biohacker 4.0 in the Czech Republic
Rojo Therapy Refine 900 has a warehouse in France

While not part of the EU, Block Blue Light offers reimbursement for import duties. Now, they don't have a warehouse in the EU, but they do have one in UK.

Companies Based in the EU
✅ CytoLED Triplex
✅ Mito Light Biohacker

What you will notice here is that the 3 companies based in the EU are the same ones offering free shipping within the EU. With the other two companies Rojo Therapy and Block Blue Light, expect to pay a nominal fee of around €11.00 for shipping to you in the EU.

Free Shipping to EU
✅ CytoLED Triplex
✅ Mito Light Biohacker

When you are investing in a panel that costs hundreds of dollars, a shipping fee of €11.00 is roughly 1–2% of your total cost to keep things in perspective. It's more of the principle of the matter in that we appreciate things that are complementary.

What are the key factors for consideration beyond shipping costs? I broke it all down for you in my head-to-head evaluation of 17 different panels. I created a scoring system to evaluate many different features and benefits.

Four out of these five panels were in that apples-to-apples comparison. Luminousred was not part of that event which was a major undertaking because I did not have one of their full sized panels. Here's how the others did.

Total Points in Epic Comparison of 17 Panels
45 points for CytoLED Triplex
57 points for Mito Light Biohacker
88 points for Rojo Refine 900
91 points for Block Blue Light Mega 4.0

Every company left points on the table, so with their scores of 88 and 91 points, these two companies were ranked among the top 3 globally!

Top 3 Rank Out of 17 Panels
Rojo Refine 900 is the 3rd place winner!
Block Blue Light Powerpanel Mega 4.0 is the 2nd place winner!

While Rojo Therapy and Block Blue Light both performed extremely well in my comparison, there's still a chance that there could be shipping delays, customs hastles, and additional VAT and import fees, unlike the EU-based companies.

Only you know how you feel about the potential for unexpected events that can arise in the course of international shipping to put a crimp in your well-laid plans. If you tend to take such things in stride, you may be able to widen your available product options.

This article is geared towards providing support to those EU customers who want advice about buying locally, so I am going to eliminate Block Blue Light at this point since they do not have a warehouse in the EU yet, only the UK at the time of this review in early 2024. Thus, we are left with four panels for further consideration.

CytoLED Triplex

This sleek panel the CytoLED Triplex (code ALEX saves) has its headquarters in the Netherlands among the vibrant tulip fields, whimsical windmills, peaceful canals, and a treasure trove of artwork.

Although it didn't quite top the charts in our comparison video, it's still a solid option for those looking for reliability.


Based in Austria, Luminous Red (code ALEX saves) can be found in the eastern Alps amid lush forests, tranquil meadows, sapphire lakes, and majestic hillsides that invite a person to get lost in their beauty. This is a company with a long-standing reputation in the red light therapy game.

While I haven't had the chance to put one of their large panels through its paces, their pedigree speaks for itself, making them a worthy mention in our lineup.

Top 3 Contenders

Block Blue Light Powerpanel Mega 4.0

The Block Blue Light Powerpanel Mega 4.0 is from a company in Hamilton New Zealand where you can enjoy the Middle Earth Hobbit village, biking rainforest paths, canoeing through caves adorned with wild glow worms, and hot air balloon rides. I'm very fond of my homeland.

There is a Block Blue Light warehouse in the UK (discount code ALEX saves), making shipping to Europe a breeze. With its robust design and powerful performance, it's a top contender for those seeking the best bang for their buck.

Rojo Refine 900

Last but not least, we have the Rojo Refine 900 (code ALEX saves!), shipping from its local warehouse in France.

Rojo Therapy has sprung up Down Under in Australia and New Zealand after branching off from Sun Stream Saunas with their long history of having a strong customer support system.

Rojo is wider, more powerful and has more LEDs, so if metrics were all that mattered it would be winning on all those points.

Plus, it may really appeal to those prioritizing a panel with a wide array of advanced features. You can even control each wavelength individually which is something never before seen in any panel.

It comes with handy, pre-programed with smart protocol applications for a variety of uses. I really like these features. You'll be gobsmacked by its versatility and performance if you get one.

Mito Light Biohacker

Here we have the best panel among all the European companies according to my evaluation system. Feast your eyes on the Mitohacker 4.0 (code ALEX saves)!

This cool panel hails from the Czech Republic company Mito Light in the picturesque city of Pilsen nestled among the surrounding epic castles towering high above dramatic scenery as well as exquisitely charming chateaus which look like they were lifted from the pages of a fairy tale.

(NB: Conversely, Mito Red Light is a company located in the American southwest in the desert city of Scottsdale, Arizona which is renowned for its spa resorts and wild cactus plants silhouetted against crimson sunsets.)

This panel is fantastic because it has a heap of wavelengths. And check out this modern touchscreen control panel. It has a good application. Plus, it packs a powerful punch.

With its user-friendly interface and free shipping, it's a strong contender for those prioritizing ease of use.

Mitro Light Biohacker provides a compelling option as well with their free shipping, local customer support, and a competitive price point.

I Saved the Best for Last: Mito Light Mitohacker 4.0

Now, before you rush off to make your purchase, get a load of the Mitohacker 4.0 from Mito Light.

If you're wondering why we are just now getting around to this gem, it's because I have been doing an apples to apples comparison series of full body panels within a similar size of each other. If I had no size range limitations for that 17 panel comparison, it would have easily been an unwieldy 50 panel comparison.

It's bigger all the way around including the cost. It gives you a much wider coverage area with its generous 16-inch width.

Feature wise, it's quite similar, but the one in my comparison has 200 LEDs while this bad boy has a whopping 400!

My Conclusion

All the panels in this review are top-shelf panels that will be highly beneficial in a myriad of ways. You will come out the winner regardless of which you choose.

If I lived in the EU and had to choose, I would go with Rojo (again, code ALEX saves). I wouldn't mind paying a little extra for its additional features.

I'm also not one to get my knickers in a knot over international shipping plot twists since I've had plenty of experience dealing with unforeseen importing issues since I review panels from around the world for a living while living off the beaten path in New Zealand.

That said, I do love my country, so perhaps there's a bit of a bias there since Rojo is a company that was founded in my homeland and I'm proud of the good job they have done.

I hope hearing my thoughts on the matter will help facilitate your own decision-making process to weigh all the elements that go into evaluating which panel is best for you.

For more insights, refer to some of my additional reviews and comparison videos listed below. In conclusion, finding the perfect red light therapy panel in Europe may come down to several different strong options just as there is a rich diversity of cultures and landscapes across the amazing continent of Europe.

Check out this epic new Shopping Tool that has been years in the making! You can filter products by price, number of LEDs, total power, irradiance, height, width, warranty, company, the company's location, warehouse, class, year released, pulsing, flicker, modular support, nnEMF, built in timer, multi-chip LEDs, stands included, specific wavelengths, shipping, value, noise level, and more! 

Whatever panel you decide on, you can't go wrong because they're all beneficial. That's the beauty of red light therapy. It's only a question of what's good, better, and best for your unique wants and needs.

So, weigh your options, then bask in the glow of better health and wellness with your new red light therapy panel. Cheers to brighter days ahead!

Upcoming Review

I'm going to do a direct head-to-head comparison between the Rojo 900 and the Mitohacker 4.0 soon. It ought to be interesting since both are brilliant panels.

So keep an eye out for this exciting match between Rojo Refine 900 and the Mitohacker 4.0 to help you make an informed decision if you're keen to know which of these offers you more for your money.

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Luminousred—code ALEX saves
Rojo Refine 900—code ALEX saves

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