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Block Blue Light Mega Review: You Won't Believe It?!

In this article I review the incredible Block Blue Light Powerpanel Mega 4.0 - the 2024 version. But there are some downsides too!

Block Blue Light Mega Review: You Won't Believe It?!
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Welcome to my review of the Block Blue Light Mega 4th Generation Red Light Therapy Panel. It is their largest 300 LED panel, but they also have smaller panels and other red light therapy devices.

Block Blue Light started by selling blue light blocking glasses, hence their name. However, they have also been involved in Red Light Therapy for a while.

Here's a link to their website: Block Blue Light PowerPanel Mega - code ALEX saves

This panel is their 4th generation. I tested their 3rd generation mega panel last year and it impressed me. It performed well compared to other products from competitors. Overall, I think it is a good and well-designed panel.

In late 2023, Block Blue Light made updates to their red light therapy panels. The current 4th generation is an improvement over the previous version.

I aim to be affiliated with all light therapy companies as much as possible to remove any bias. If you purchase products through links in the article or using discount code ALEX, then I receive a small commission at no cost to you which funds these reviews to help you make informed decisions.

Panel Key Features

Here's what's new in this panel.

We've got a touchscreen control panel now. This allows you to adjust the time, alter the brightness, and easily toggle the panel on and off using a high-resolution control panel.

With the touchscreen, managing the pulsing and dimming function is now simpler, making it much more user-friendly. It's great to see this feature included here, especially since many other panels are being released with it.

In addition, Block Blue Light has introduced a new blend of 5 wavelengths, allocating more power to 810 nanometers, with a slightly lower amount directed towards 850 nanometers.

It comes with this handy, well-designed remote control. The buttons on the remote control are well labeled and easy to press, and they have included the battery, which is always a bonus.

The panel is now in a new all-in-one shell design. It has a convenient carry handle at the top. The master power switch is on one side. The power cord is at the bottom, which is a good spot for it.


I fired up my spectrometer to check the stated specs: 25% of 660nm, 25% of 630nm, 17% of 810nm, 16% of 830nm, and 17% to 850nm.

Different areas have a nice spread of light. When I move around at a distance of about six inches, I can see four peaks, then five peaks. This shows me that there is a great blend of light. The reason for this nice blend is that we have dual-chip LEDs in this panel.

Alex's reading shows the peaks at 630, 660, 810, 840 (listed as 830) 850. While the peak at 840 is slightly off, it is not a significant issue because there is a range of light from 810 to 850. 

Irradiance Or Power Output

Let's look at radiance! Exceptional power is coming from this panel. 

  • Our peak power measurement reached an incredibly high 99 milliwatts per square centimeter, but the more significant value to consider is the average.
  • The average power is 87.3 milliwatts, which is excellent. It's the second-highest I've ever measured in a wall panel
  • The total wattage output was 190.5, which is extremely high. It's the highest I've ever tested for a 300 LED panel.
Check out my website's Shopping Tool - Light Therapy Insiders. You can filter products by various criteria such as price, number of LEDs, power, warranty, and more!

Let's use my shopping tool to sort the data by wall panel and then rank it by irradiance. Below I'm comparing 37 panels. The power of the Block Blue Light Mega 4th Gen is exceptional, as it surpasses the third-generation panel by a significant margin.

Here's an example of the shopping tool:

The Block Blue Light Mega 4th Generation is in second place with a score of 87, only surpassed by the recently released Platinum LED 8th Generation BioMax 900.

This is interesting, look at the rankings using Total Power:

The Block Blue Light Mega remains in second place, with a slight advantage over the Biomax 900 panel due to its taller height. The MitoHacker 4.0 is in the top position with 400 LEDs. 

(If you can't read the info above, check the Shopping Tool link!)

To summarize, the Block Blue Light Mega 4th Generation panel is incredibly powerful. However, if you prefer a lower intensity, you can easily utilize the dimming feature and adjust it to 50%, 20%, or even as low as 1% to reduce the power output. You can also stand further away from the panel.

It's worth noting that while filming, Block Blue Light reported that the Mega panel was emitting 167 milliwatts at 6 inches as measured by a solar meter and 79 milliwatts by a spectrometer. My spectrometer reading was 87 milliwatts, which is between the two. Their spectrometer reading was slightly lower than mine. It's common to see higher readings on solar meters, which aren't always accurate. 

The Sound and EMF Levels

As for electromagnetic fields (EMF), there were no issues observed. The sound output was measured at 43.5 decibels.

Price, Shipping & Warranty

Price: The retail cost of the Mega is $1,499. Use the discount code Alex and save a whopping 15%, so you can get it for $1,275.

Shipping Options: Block Blue Light has warehouses in New Zealand, Australia, America, and the UK. If you live in any of these countries, you can enjoy great shipping rates. The shipping cost to your door will be around $8 to $10 US.

If you live outside of those countries, you may have to pay a little more. Put your address in the checkout area on their website, and you'll get an exact quote.

For customers in the EU, Block Blue Light ships from the UK. The shipping rates may be slightly higher, but I have been told Block Blue Light will reimburse any import taxes, making it a great deal for EU residents.

Warranty: Three-year warranty and a 30-day return period.

From a value point of view, you're paying $6.70 for one Watt of red light. Despite the price increase, the improved power makes it a better value than the third-generation Block Blue Light panel.

Stands and Accessories

For stands, you can choose between a $130 base stand or a $370 horizontal manual stand. It comes with an over-the-door hook, steel hanging cables, an adjustable pulley system and protective goggles.

My Pros

This panel blends light seamlessly using dual-chip LEDs and six wavelengths, resulting in a remarkable blend at six inches. It also emits a significant amount of light at 810nm.

The panel emits a lot of power, but you can adjust the intensity or stand further away. Only the new 2024 BioMax 900 is more powerful.

The panel has a touchscreen control panel that gives you easy access to useful features like pulsing, dimming, and a timer. You can use a pre-set pulsing rate or create your own. It's easy to set up and comes with all the necessary accessories. Plus, it operates quietly.

The manual provides information about the product, the science, and dosing recommendations. The panel is 12 inches in size, and if you buy two, it offers great shoulder-to-shoulder coverage. It comes with a three-year warranty and various shipping options. Overall, it ticks a lot of boxes.

As a final thought, let's talk about the remote. I like this remote, and the more I use remotes, the more I appreciate their benefits. It's fantastic to have the ability to turn the panel on or off from a distance. On the downside, this remote brings me to the con section of my review.

My Cons

The remote offers various functions, adjusting the intensity or pulsing rate is a slow process. It's a lot simpler to do on the screen.

You're thinking who needs the remote if I can just do it on the screen. Read on!

 If you intend to purchase multiple Block Blue Light panels, please note that they do not support wireless/Bluetooth or cable connectivity options. In the past, a cable was included with multiple panels to connect and control them from a single panel.

To control multiple panels at once, you need to use the remote control. The remote can turn the panels on and off. However, if you want to dim the panels to 10% and pulse them at 10 hertz, you must make the adjustments using the remote while looking at the screen. It's a bit fiddly and a frustrating process.

If you don't plan on buying multiple panels or experimenting with the dimming and pulsing feature, then you just hit reset on the remote. Reset defaults to full power, no pulsing, and a twenty-minute timer.

Some newer panels, like the Platinum LED BioMax, have a built-in Bluetooth controller. This means you can connect multiple panels, sync them, and control everything from one panel without any wires

There is no app! Many top-tier premium companies now offer apps that allow you to control the panels. Some of these apps even provide additional features like session tracking and dosage calculation.

Platinum LED, Mito Light, MidoRed Light, and JOOV all have their apps.

When I dim the lights to 30-40%, a noticeable high-pitched sound persists for a few minutes. I discussed it with the owner of Block Blue Light. He is investigating the issue as he didn't come across it with other panels. It might be specific to my panel. I hope this won't be a problem by the time this video is released, but I wanted to mention it.

Only 17% of the energy is allocated to the 810nm, which may disappoint some purists. However, 17% is still very good. If you are looking for a panel with a heap of 810nm, you may want to explore other options.

Mito Red Light MitoPro X has 25% of the LEDs dedicated to 810nm. The LightpathLED Diesel panel has 810 nm in each lens.

Should you buy the Block Blue Light Mega Panel?

For those who live outside the USA seeking a company with worldwide warehouse locations, it's worth considering.

If you're looking for a powerful panel with a wide range of therapeutic red light wavelengths, then Block Blue Light is the way to go.

If you want a panel that checks all the boxes - affordability, shipping options, warranty, performance, and ease of use - then without a doubt, get it.

Before you rush out and get it, let's do some comparisons.

Similar Red Light Therapy Panels You Might Be Interested In

Check out the Platinum LED Biomax 900. It's similar in power to the Block Blue Light, but slightly cheaper and has free US shipping. Outside the US, Block Blue Light may be a better option.

A key difference is that BioMax emits blue light and 1060nm near-infrared light, but these wavelengths receive only a small percentage of the total energy. Instead, the BioMax focuses most of its energy on wavelengths of 660nm and 850nm. Additionally, the BioMax does not have a pulsing mode.

Be sure to watch this video! I test and compare all these panels.

Next, check out the LightPath LED XL Shortie. This panel emits a lot of 810nm light and is wider than the Block Blue Light panel. However, it is more expensive.

Next, if you're located in the EU check out MitoLight. I like the MitoHacker 4.0 which has six wavelengths and a convenient control panel, and it's also wider than the BBL Mega. It may be more expensive, but with 408 LEDs, it is a larger unit.

Finally, If you reside in New Zealand or Australia, consider Infraredi or Rojo Light Therapy. They provide local shipping and customer support. Check their options if the Block Blue Light Mega doesn't tick all your boxes.

Update: Block Blue Light Versus BioMax 900 Comparison Video

Although not part of the video on the Block Blue Light Powerpanel Mega 4.0 review, here's a video I posted recently on comparing that panel to the PlatinumLED BioMax 900:

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