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The Most Powerful Red Light Therapy Panels Compared!

In this blog post, I'll show you the top-10 most powerful red light therapy panels on the market, and one bonus product for spot treatment!

The Most Powerful Red Light Therapy Panels Compared!
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Are you wondering what is the most powerful red light panel?  

After rigorously testing 17 of the latest red light therapy panels, analyzing the data, and using my state-of-the-art spectrometer, which adds a unique level of precision to my evaluations, I can now reveal the most powerful panels in 2024.

My Testing Method:

Power output measurement in red light therapy varies between companies, and it's important to understand the differences in measurement methods.

Tools:  There are various methods, but I rely on a spectrometer for high accuracy, which is within 5% of a professional lab’s standards. Many companies are using light meters or solar meters which generate rather high numbers, typically two or three times higher than real-world data. Companies often use these inflated numbers on their websites.

Measuring at 6" with my cool spectrometer.

Distance:  I test the panels at six inches. The power output decreases as you move further away from the panel. Comparing panels is easier and more accurate when tested at the same distance. Some companies test at 12 or 24 inches, but all the numbers I’m sharing are at six inches for this analysis.

Measurement Points: Having the right device and distance is important, but relying solely on a snapshot reading can lead to issues. I measure nine points on a panel and calculate the average for accurate results. I focus on six points around the perimeter and three points through the center light. This method provides a reliable indication of the panel’s performance. We can determine which panel is the most powerful by taking the average.

Remember that more power is not always better. This is a controversial topic that I want to work on. I will create more videos on dosing and power output and talk to people like James Carroll to gain more insight.

The Ranking Results:

 If there’s a panel you like that ranks low, don’t worry. All these panels are powerful.

9th Place: The Mito Red Mito Pro X has an impressive power output of 68mw/cm2. of 68mw/cm². It can achieve deep tissue penetration and a therapeutic dose within minutes. For those seeking only surface-level therapy, moving as far as 12 or 24 inches away from the panel will still provide a therapeutic dose.

8th Place: The Infrared Pro Max with a power output of 68mw/cm². This panel is exceptionally loud. Before you buy it, make sure you watch my review. It’s not the most pleasant panel to use.

I aim to be affiliated with all light therapy companies as much as possible to remove any bias. If you purchase products through links in the article or by using discount code ALEX, then I receive a small commission at no cost to you, which funds these reviews to help you make informed decisions. For some companies like the Mito Red Mito Pro X there's a different code like ALEX5 - a full discount list is included at the end of this blog post!

7th place: The Rojo Therapy Refine 900, with a power output of 73mw/cm². This panel is unique and quite fascinating. It’s only their second-generation panel, but it has some awesome features. You need to learn more about it.

6th place: The Red Therapy Red Rush 840 Pulse, with a power output of 76mw/cm². The panel emits light at wavelengths of 660nm and 850nm. While other panels emit multiple wavelengths like 810, 830, and 630, The Red Therapy Company keeps it simple.

Be sure to watch my 2024 Epic Comparison Video where I compare all 17 panels in full detail.

5th place: The Rouge Care G3 Pro, with a power output of 81mw/cm². In early 2023, I tested this panel and found it to be the most powerful. However, in the past 12 months, a lot has changed.

4th place: The Hooga Ultra 1500, with a power output of 82mw/cm². This panel uses a quad-chip LED, meaning each LED has four different chips that put out four different wavelengths.  With this panel, you can expect a good blend of light and power.

Check out this epic Shopping Tool that has been years in the making! You can filter products by price, number of LEDs, total power, irradiance, height, width, warranty, the company's location, warehouse, class, year released, pulsing, multi-chip LEDs, specific wavelengths, shipping, value, and more! 

Top 3 Panels: 

For the Top 3 panels, I will include the total wattage and the average power. 

Let’s take a closer look at what these terms mean when reviewing panels. 
• Average Radiance: Average power is the most important measurement to get an idea of how much overall light is being emitted from a panel
• Peak Power: I move the spectrometer around to find the highest figure. This is not a useful measurement since an incredibly outrageous amount of energy could come from just one spot.
• Total Wattage: I determine this by using the average radiance, calculating the panel’s area, and performing some math to get the overall wattage. My total wattage figure determines the amount of therapeutic light you’ll receive from a panel. 

3rd place: The Kala Elite from Kala, a Canadian company. This panel’s power output is 82mw/cm², an impressive figure and exceptional power. The Kala Elite’s total wattage is 119 watts, meaning that’s how much therapeutic light you’re getting in watts when using this panel. 

2nd place: The Block Blue Light Mega 4.0, with a whopping power output of 87mw/cm² and an impressive total wattage of 190 watts. Block Blue Light Mega (code ALEX saves) is a fantastic choice many people love, and I highly recommend it. Don't forget to check out my review for more details.

The cool feature of many of these new panels—which is true for Block Blue Light Mega and the panel that comes out number one—is that they have a built-in dimming function, so you can reduce the power output if you wish.

We might be at a point where some panels emit excessive light and energy. If you only wish to treat the skin or follow a low-dosage regimen, stay a considerable distance from the panel or opt for a brief treatment. Even with a short treatment, the high radiance levels might still overwhelm the body.

The Winner:

The Platinum LED Biomax 900 is the top-rated panel for pure power. With a power output of 87mw/cm², it offers incredible energy. This panel provides excellent penetration and an abundance of therapeutic light.

The Platinum BioMax 900 (a discount code is generated after you click the link) includes blue light LEDs, which I disabled since they aren’t in the red or NIR wavelengths. Thus, the whole panel isn’t even running, and you would get an even higher figure for total output.

Let’s discuss total wattage, which gets a little interesting. The BioMax 900's total wattage of 186 is crazy high for a panel with 300 LEDs or less. However, The Block Blue Light, with a total wattage of 190, is higher.

How can the Biomax 900 have a higher radiance but lower wattage? Although they look similar in size, the Block Blue Light is slighter, wider, and taller. As a result, you are treating a larger area, hence more light from the Block Blue Light Mega, despite its lower power output. 

Is the Block Blue Light Mega 4.0 more powerful? From a treatment area point of view, the BBL Mega has more power than the BioMax 900, but the BioMax 900 light is slightly more intense. 


Honestly, both the Block Blue Light Mega 4.0 and the PlatinumLED BioMax 900 are terrific panels. I have reviewed all ten of these panels, and all of them are fantastic and put out a heap of light! If you choose any of the panels in my 2024 Comparison series, you will still get a decent therapeutic amount of energy.   

I made a comparison video between the PlatinumLED Biomax 900 and The Block Blue Light Mega 4.0 because many people were trying to decide which was right for them.  

Another Consideration:

If you're looking for something more powerful than 90mW/cm², there's a consumer-grade red light therapy product that emits a remarkable 500mW/cm². Check out my comprehensive review of the Chroma Iron Forge.

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