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Rojo Refine Series: Breaking News - Game Changer?

Here's the latest news: Rojo just came out with a new series of panels, the Rojo Refine, and the products seem really innovative. Here's why!

Rojo Refine Series: Breaking News - Game Changer?
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Video Rojo Refine Series: BREAKING NEWS - Game Changer?

We've only just started this new year, and I have what I think is going to be the biggest product announcement of 2024! You see, Rojo Light Therapy, just announced their amazing new Refine series!

There are some features in here that I've never seen before which have really taken me by surprise! I think many of you are going to love it. They're going to be rushing out wanting to buy this panel or at least rushing over to the website to learn more about this Australian / New Zealand company. This company is legit because they've been around for a while.

I've been reviewing and experimenting with red light therapy panels for years now. This is what my Light Therapy Insiders company is all about. I am passionate about light therapy because it has worked very well for me and so many members of our community.

I want to help you get all the best information as well as any discounts available to my readers. If you purchase products through my links for Rojo and use my discount code ALEX, then I receive a small commission at no cost to you which funds these reviews.

I aim to be affiliated with all light therapy companies to be as impartial as possible. Whether or not I am affiliated with a company does not impact how I evaluate products. I always strive to share useful, factual information, so that you are empowered with all the knowledge you want to decide which products are best for you.

ROJO Light Therapy is a subsidiary company to Sun Stream Infrared Saunas Australia. For 19 years Sun Stream Infrared Saunas has been an innovator in the infrared sauna industry, striving to provide the most therapeutically effective saunas made with the highest-quality materials. We now bring the same dedication to our ROJO light therapy panels with a focus on performance, safety, and outstanding customer support.

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas are great, and their new subsidiary company Rojo provides awesome light therapy panels. Their first generation only came out around late 2022 or early 2023. The Rojo Refine series (code ALEX saves) is their second generation of panels, and I'm highly impressed!

Their first generation panels were affordable and competitive, and you can check out my past reviews of those. When they hit the market, plenty of other panels were offering similar things, so they didn't stand out from the crowd. Not to mention, the first gen panels had a few disadvantages at the time.

This New Panel Changes All Of That!

For starters, they've called it their new Refine series. To quote Rojo, "The Refine name was chosen as it refers to improvements you will receive to your body. Plus, the Refine series is a light therapy panel refined. We've set up to create a panel that offers the complete package at an outstanding value."

Introducing the refine series: Brand new for 2024!

Independent control of each individual wavelength - a world first!
Unique ROJO smart modes with 10 different treatment settings plus 3 custom memory settings so you can save your preferred settings for instant recall, and using the touch screen display and our custom ROJO app you can control one or more ROJO devices from your phone or tablet.

According to their website, Rojo offers:

  • modular design
  • industry leading high-quality drivers
  • 5-Watt LED diodes to deliver high intensity light
  • smooth surfaces, hidden seams/joins, and high-quality paintwork 
  • integrated whisper quiet fans ensure long life
  • high quality brand name drivers to mitigate flicker for your health and safety
  • safety certified in Australia, New Zealand the United Kingdom, and Europe

Rojo Light Therapy site quote:

"The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that the electric fields are created by differences in voltage and magnetic fields are created when the electric current flows.

"Magnetic fields are measured in milligauss (mG). According to WHO, electromagnetic fields affect us because our human bodies have their own electric and biochemical responses (e.g., nervous system, digestion, brain function, heart function).

"The EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) recommends you limit your exposure to less than 3mG.

"For your safety, all our products feature ultra-low EMF and ELF cancelling technology, less than 1mG when measured from 3 inches and only 2 v/m from 3 inches for electric fields."

They've also incorporated a touchscreen. This alone is great, but it's nothing new. We've seen it for years in the PlatinumLED BioMax panels. Block Blue Light came out last year with a touchscreen control panel. Mito Hacker Mito Light 4.0 series have a touchscreen. Word is, some other big companies will be coming out with touchscreens in the near future as well.

If you're interested in these panels I've listed above, check out my reviews of them here:

My PlatinumLED BioMax 900 review - check the video above!

My Mito Light Mitohacker 4.0 review - check the video above!

My Block Blue Light Powerpanel Mega 4.0 review - check the video above if you're interested!


Here's where it gets interesting, the new Rojo Refine panel has five wavelengths! The split is really good because 25% of the energy is going to 630nm, 25% is going to 660nm, 17% is going to 810nm, 16% going to 830nm, and 17% going to 850nm.

I consider that to be a really good blend of light. It's great to see a good amount of power going to 810nm as well. The Rojo Refine panel allows you to individually control how much power goes to all of these wavelengths.

Typically, we've seen the red light and the near infrared light wavelengths group together. Say you just wanted to use red light. You could go in and switch off the near infrared light wavelengths and leave the red lights running.

Then we saw the advancement in how panels were operated and you could go through and and say exactly what percentage of energy was going to either the red or the near infrared.

With that advancement, you could opt for any custom blend of those two types of light such as 50% of the red light power and 30% of near infrared, or 50% for both. If you wanted, you could even opt for 1% of red and nothing for near infrared. It was it was a good improvement and a great feature when it was announced. It's pretty commonplace now.

Rojo's Refine series (code ALEX saves!) gives you the control to change the intensity or the power percentage for every single wavelength.

You can customize your session any which way you like. For instance, let's say you want the 630nm and the 660nm for your skin health, yet you only want a small amount of that. Maybe, you don't want to overload your skin. You just want that low dose for superficial surface level treatment.

Perhaps you know 660nm is really good for a condition you have, so you go up to maybe 20% of that one. Maybe you only want 630nm at 10%. However, you want a lot of 810nm because you're training hard in the gym. Yet, you're a bit nervous about overdosing, so you take the 830nm and 850nm both down to only 15%.

Now, you're getting loads of therapeutic light energy from the 810nm which is going to penetrate quite deep. You're still getting a little bit of that red light that you want, and you're limiting the other near infrared light in this scenario.

Custom Modes & Pre-Set Modes

There are countless ways you can combine it. You can experiment with things. Even better, you can come up with your own protocols. You can save that blend of light as a setting directly on the panel because there's two or three custom modes.

So you can change the ratios and the time duration and pulsing then save it all as a preset. The next time you want to do that particular session, you just load up that saved mode.

I think that's really cool. But wait, it even gets better. What Rojo have done with their Refine series is built 10 different smart modes. These modes include: muscle recovery, bone health, skin health, and there's all sorts of additional options in there.

Every option has a different intensity of wavelength and a different time duration. We know that if you want to treat your skin it's very different than treating your bone. You need a different amount of light and even different wavelengths

Rojo have done the hard work and looked at the literature. They have programmed in the those protocols for various goals.

Honestly, I think this is awesome! If they've done a good job looking at the science and coming up with these protocols, it's going to be an absolute game changer by helping people get really good results. So you can see while I'm very excited about this cool new panel!

In addition, it does have built-in pulsing. You can customize the pulsing rates. Again, that's nothing new to the red light therapy space, but it's great that Rojo Refine models have it in there.

Also, let's discuss the model names. The Refine 900 is their 300 LED panel. (In the past, the 300 LED panel was the 1500.) Their model names are now a multiple of three: So 300 LEDs (300 x 3) is their 900 unit, and 150 LEDs (150 x 3) is their 450 model. Their website makes it nice and clear. If you order the Refine 900, you get a free floor stand that's included in the price.

I'm happy to say that Rojo Therapy have expanded internationally with warehouses in all corners of the world: California, the UK, France, Australia, and New Zealand. So if you live in any of these countries, you know your panel is going to be shipped rather quickly.

They also have a support network in each of these areas. You can get on the phone and call them if there are warranty or return issues. It's a lot easier dealing with a local company.

Plus, it means you're not going to be hit with border taxes or import duties or even delays if they're shipping from your country.

Rojo also offers free shipping to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland. Plus, they're doing discounted shipping to Europe and Canada. They also offer a 60-day money back guarantee and a 3-year warranty.

Price & My Analysis

Lots of good news to cover here. These brand new rather extraordinary red light therapy panels are coming in at a great price! Also, the Refine 900 comes with a free floor stand with wheels!

The the new Rojo Refine 900 retails for $1,295. Plus, they've given me a discount code: ALEX. This means you can get a for $1,165 shipped to your door if you live in one of those main countries mentioned.

My concluding thoughts are that without having tested it in depth yet, I have to say it looks really good! It's got all the key features that we expect from a panel here in 2024.

It's got an app, touchscreen, dimming ability, and lots of wavelengths. I really think the fact that you can change the intensity of every single wavelength is going to appeal to a lot of people. The built-in smart modes are also a big drawing card!

The other day, I had a wound. I thought, "Okay, I can't do my regular treatment here. I need to drop the intensity." I was wondering, "Should I just do 2 or 3 minutes, or should I still do 5 or 10 minutes and stand further away?"

I still get a bit confused by dosing which is why I don't really talk about dosing all that much because it is a very confusing and complex topic. I've always wished you could just click a button for wound healing or any other purpose. Boom! Wish granted! That's exactly what the  Rojo Refine panel is offering.

Upcoming Comparison Series

I will be  doing a much more in depth analysis and review in the coming weeks. Be sure to hang around for that. I can tell you now, it looks really good! I think it's going to be a great panel. I'm curious to hear what you guys think of all these new features.

**Update March 2024**: We've finally launched our 2024 red light therapy comparison series video, which you can check out here - as you can see the Rojo scores really well in this video:

Be sure to head over to my Facebook group where we can discuss all of this in a lot more depth. I hope you will join us in the interesting discussions we have there. I look forward to hearing your ideas, observations, experiences, questions, and requests for future tests, so please share them with our LTI community.

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